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Monday, April 2, 2018

Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger: Episode eight recap

 Start date: February 11 for 50 episodes(?), airs Sundays at 9:30 am on TV Asahi
Subs by Overtime

Main Cast:

Lupin Rangers

Asahi ito as Kairi Yano.... Lupin RED
Haruka Kudo as Umika Hayami,.... Lupin YELLOW
Shogo Hama as Toma Yoimachi.... Lupin BLUE
Yoichi Nukumizu as Kogure

Patrangers/Global Police officers

Kousei Yuuki as Keiichiro Asaka.... Patranger RED
Ryo Yokoyama as Sakuya Hikawa.... Patranger GREEN
Kazusa Okuyama as Tsukasa Myoujin.... Patranger PINK
Ike Nuwata as Commander Hilltop
Plus the robot Jim Carter who does all of the accounting and desk work

The Gangler Villains: 

Dogranio Yabun, the leader
Goche Ru Medu
Destora Mazzio.... plus probably many more of them in the future

 Short promo video is at the top for this episode. None of the episodes have had a true cliffhanger to end off with so there's really no need to know how the previous show ended. However don't talk too much about what's happened up until now so if you're new every detail to date has been covered thoroughly so may be worth reading the older recaps first.

 The top three are the the team of Lupinrangers, the bottom guy Kogure sets them up for their assignments to obtain pieces of the Lupin collection. He was an infamous French thief from over a century ago whose collection of pieces was stolen by the space alien group of monsters called Ganglers. Also after the collection are the Global Police who can transform themselves into the superhero trio of Patrangers, here are the three along with their commander who we rarely see.

 This series always seemed like it was going to become a bit humorous but up until now it was very subdued. In this episode seemed there was more humor than the rest of the shows combined though it was still serious to an extant. At the conclusion of the seventh episode Tsukasa was starting to have doubts about the true identities of the trio of Kairi, Toma and Umika who run the Jurer Bistro.
 Near the beginning of this episode she brought up her thoughts to the other two members of her Patranger team along with their boss Hilltop and the office robot Jim. They're not quite in full agreement with Tsukasa's reasoning that the three are the Lupinrangers who have become the team's number one enemy. Most vocal in disagreeing with Tsukasa was Sakuya who has such a crush on Umika though he constantly gets rebuffed by her when he asks her out for a date.
 Tsukasa is determined to prove she's right, we all know she is but unfortunately in the end her theory is proven incorrect. The Patrangers plan is to set up a decoy where they'll pretend that there's a fake Gangler attack at the Hamagasaki water treatment plant. At the show's onset the Lupinrangers had been there fighting a small group of Pordermen who are the Gangler's underlings. That group had seemingly disappeared into thin air but the whole time the Patrangers leader Keiichiro had been secretly watching the action.

 Tsukasa has been watching the trio at their Jurer restaurant like a hawk but couldn't find any evidence that proved their identities were of the Lupinrangers. Hence her plan to draw them out but the Lupinrangers were on to the Patrangers thanks to Good Striker. That's a piece of the Lupin collection who has been helping out the trio more and more, the piece has informed them that they're under surveillance by the Patrangers.
 It's only the eighth show yet their identities have been discovered already? The Lupinrangers can't have that happening so they devise a plan of their own to thwart the Patrangers and especially Tsukasa. She has it planned for her and Sakuya to visit the Jurer for a break, while there the two will receive a call about a fake Gangler attack at the water treatment plant. At that point she hoped the Lupins would overhear her and head to the fake attack. Her plan went smoothly but unknown to Tsukasa the Lupinrangers had a trick up their sleeve.

 More on that trick in a few sentences but back to the Patranger's decoy. They would need a stand-in Gangler to lure the Lupins out, with nowhere else to turn they used their office robot Jim. That's the robot above who went by the name of Karter but never had to use it. That phony phone conversation worked as the three Lupinrangers arrived at the scene and weren't sure what to make of Jim.
 Same went for Jim who didn't know how to battle the trio of  Lupins as he's just over four feet tall with no special powers except for his brain. In an attempt to confuse the three Jim have gave them a riddle, the answer to it is LIPS and the riddle itself is the bottom screenshot of the post. If the trio could solve it Jim said he would give them his Lupin collection piece which was a lie as he didn't have one. But the riddle bought him some time as she was able to escape for the time being.
 Back to the Jurer Bistro where after the fake phone call Tsukasa and Sakuya were waiting outside. Thinking that the Lupinrangers may have fled through a back entrance Tsukasa rushed into the eatery, to her dismay Toma and Umika were there. But where was Kairi was what Tsukasa needed to know, she knew there were Lupins at the water plant and Kairi possibly could be one of them. Soon after her interrogation a door opened and who should be there but Kairi! Tsukasa was furious at his appearance and the fact she was wrong about the Jurer staff being the Lupinrangers. She left in a huff though Sakuya was pleased as it proved that his love Umika was just a normal girl.

 Second screenshot above is of Kogure, he had disguised himself as Kairi which worked and for now the trio are no longer suspected of being the Lupinrangers but just for now. Returning to the water plant we found out that the three Lupins weren't who they appeared to be. It was just one Lupinranger who was Kairi, he had multiplied into three which fooled Keiichiro from the Global Police. The Lupin piece Good Strike has many powers, one is being able to mesh the three members of the Lupins together to form a weapon(s). We now learned he's also able to do the opposite(one into three), Kairi transformed back into one person once they were alone.
 Jim the robot had escaped from Kairi but not the real enemy as he was captured by the underlings of the Ganglers, the Pordermen. We met no new Ganglers this show but once again we saw the evilest who is Gauche, she arranged for Jim to be captured and that fate had befallen other people at the water plant. Gauche is the Gangler doctor and can revive them once they perish, she has a few pieces of the Lupin collection with one of them being binoculars. It seems she can see the insides of people which has a couple of uses.
 One is that she can destroy a person or creature from the inside out, that's what she ended up doing to the Pordermen when they were about to lose their fight. She was about to turn the weapon onto Kairi but in the nick of time the members of the Patrangers and Lupinrangers arrived which led to Gauche's departure. Those binoculars could play an important part in upcoming episodes, so far it's the most dangerous Lupin collection weapon we've seen. At the end of the show Kairi asked their handler Kogure about it, he claimed of having no knowledge of the weapon but would find out about it. Think he wasn't telling Kairi the truth as it seemed he was a bit worried a Gangler had that weapon.
 Before that ending there was naturally an action scene, instead of reviving a dead Gangler Gauche did that to the Pordermen before she fled the scene. Their strength became enormous and they grew to 200 feet in height. For the second episode in a row it was up to the Lupinrangers to save the world or at least Tokyo from destruction which they did. The Pordermen were quite powerful but lacked any smarts so the Lupins after a fierce battle were able to best the enemy which finally brings us to the show's end.

 You wouldn't think it but so much happens in these episodes. A show is just 23 minutes long which is half the length of a regular drama but these recaps have become almost as long as reviewing one of them. Eight episodes of fifty are now done, this series goes until next January. Will be back the same time next week with the next recap and that riddle question is the final screenshot.

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