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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Nogizaka46: The final post for 2019 featuring.... Miona Hori!!!!

 Was having a problem with this post at first as I didn't think there would be enough new pics to warrant having it. But luckily was mistaken as usual as once I put a bit of effort into it there ended up being about eighty new pics and with a few oldies the total is close to a hundred, it's becoming impossible to have a small Nogi post but who out there is complaining? And really what better way was there to end off the year and though Miona just finished eleventh on this year's list(still a feat) think she's one of three faves who I predict will be #1 on next year's list.
 Bit harder for an Idol these days to top a list and especially for a Nogi member as the group has become so huge and there's only so may mag spreads to share or events to appear at. But Miona is at the top of the list for both categories and going back through her posts this year was shocked at how many mags she appeared in and usually had the cover to boot. These days too she's a mainstay at events and has been at four of them this month. This is also her third solo post for the month and that's unheard of for an Idol, we'll see if my prediction for her(or the others) being #1 comes true....

 Hmmmm, once again she stole my password to the blog and kind of wondering if I should continue on.... sigh, I did believe her about the party's theme, sigh.....

 Hmmmm, then again those pics may be her most popular ones she's ever posted! Speaking of posting Miona, like all Nogi members, has really slowed down on her blog posts. At one time she would have five a week but now it's more like two and these pics are all from this month.

 There's still no official date for the release of Miona's second photobook but would think late February or early March is most likely. Really no promo good promo pics have been released but that could be because of two other Nogi books coming out this month, sure there will be plenty of them soon enough. Lately there's been a lack of group cards and the same can be said for today though have this trio of New Year's ones from December 2017.

 Wouldn't doubt if there will be another Miona solo post in about two weeks and she may have more solo ones this year than any Idol, last year her total was eleven but it seemed higher than that. She's scheduled to be in a few upcoming mags plus will be at the January 11th 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show and always looks superb at them, not many other Nogi members will be in attendance.

 Can't have a post these days without new pics of her doing her fave pastime, not as many as usual as she's probably eaten everyone out of house and home!!!!

 There's been quite a few Nogi events in December and for some reason it was their busiest month of the year for activities. Miona was at four events and one took place on December 25th as the group was promoting their new FOD drama 'Nogizaka Cinemas- Story of 46'. It's a ten episode series where a different member is featured in each show with a different theme, so far haven't been able to find it but sure it'll soon be available and it just started six days ago.

 For the fifth time Nogi will be appearing on the end of the year Kohaku music show also known as the 'Red and White singing battle'. Looking at the time they already have performed and the song they did was "Synchronicity", may have a video in the next group post. On December 29th eight members were at a press conference to promote their appearance and what a popular show it is as the ratings are usually around 50%, this is the 70th year it's aired.

 This is an older mag spread and have been hanging on to it for a while. Thinking the reason is because it had never been posted so here it is finally and it's from the August issue of 'TV Bros.'. It's for Miona's 'Hot Gimmick" film which just came out in June and has finally been released in a subbed version. Don't think I'll watch it though as I looked closer at the synopsis and it didn't seem to be a movie I would enjoy. Did read a few observations about the film where almost everyone said her performance was fine but the film itself was kind of a mess and perhaps as bit depressing.

 One tremendous new Miona spread for today which is from the February edition of UTB and these days she's often the cover girl of a mag, bottom two pics are form the photo shoot.

 Will end off with one of the more interesting things of the year. Sakamich-TV produces many shows for the '46' groups and the three of them are referred to as Sakamichi groups. There's been two special shows where all the groups were featured, the second one aired last week. That first show aired all back on March 23rd and have some screenshots here from it but the entire 85 minute show was the top one I've seen all year and will have more pics in their group posts.
 There were many segments such as a round table discussion with the team captains, some behind the scenes footage of concerts where members of the other groups attended the shows plus many other events. The show wasn't subbed but didn't matter too much as it was easy enough to follow. Obviously am bringing this up because Miona was in one segment that started at the 34 minute mark and ran for seven minutes. Then it reappeared for the final seven minutes of the show as that break was needed to give the gals time to do some cooking.
 What a trio of faves this is as two are my #1's from their groups while the other is number two, hope there's no need to introduce the pair from Keya and Hina. Before I forget the title of the show was 'Nogi to Keyaki to Hinata' and it's easy enough to find. The trio prepared a few dishes for themselves and had a bit of a 'girl talk' session where they discussed their groups and such. Naturally being a food segment Miona had to be involved and it appeared she did 80% of the cooking or at least sliced up all of the vegetables.
 The other two seemed to look up to her as after all she is a bit of a Senpai to them. All in all it was an enjoyable fourteen minutes as was the rest of the show, can't wait to watch the second special edition. There's no video that has the entire segment but after the pics have a five minute clip from the show and this is honestly a trio that can't be topped! EDIT: Forget the video as it's been deleted!

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