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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nao Kanzaki's top ten for 2015.... #6- Tsubasa Honda

 Bit short on time tonight so won't be as long as the other 'top ten' posts, then again how many times have I said a post was going to be brief and it ended up longer than a tome?

 Not at all selfish as you reeled me in, now it's time for the rest of the universe.

 With friends like this domination of the universe should be no problem but can you still consider the female in the second pic a friend as she bumped you from the #5 spot?

 This may sound strange but then again I do say many strange things here but on the top ten list was really silently praying that Tsubasa was going to end up in the top spot. Perhaps there's a few others who may top her looks but at least as far as facial features go don't think anyone tops Tsubasa, she also has a really nice figure on her. The problem is that she keeps herself covered up too much, I like conservative females but think she carry's the conservatism too far. Too often she's in baggy clothes or attire like that but really wish once she would kind of let go as she's really is dynamite looking.

 Really wouldn't mind seeing her cloned, hope a few others agree with me on that.

 Really think if Tsubasa had been much busier this year she may have hit the top spot, can't say she's a guilty pleasure but seeing as she's not too popular here she just may be in a way. Getting back to me saying I wish she hit the #1 spot, one reason for that is just the way she is. Maybe I'm getting older but it's just seems females like this get my attention more these days, one way of looking at it is if you had to wake up to a woman for the next 40 years how many could top her?
 Personally I don't think anyone but then again there's no female in this top ten list I've met, Tsubasa just seems so real and down to earth, breathtaking at times too. Enough blabbering, she has well over 100 posts here now so there's not too many superlatives that I haven't said about her. Before I forget if you haven't seen her 2012 drama "Piece" then I highly recommend it, that series would be in my top five since 2011 and she has the lead role in the show.
 To end off just some utterly, beyond fantastic pics of Tsubasa, even with the way she dresses it's quite easy to notice her attractiveness. After the pics there's two videos, a promo one for Non-no from two years ago and the other is a promo video for her 2013 drama "Vampire Heaven" which is another series worth viewing.

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