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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nogizaka46: X-Mas concert screenshots from December 20th #1

 There's no doubt Nogi puts on a better show than any other J-Pop group, perhaps their standards are now too high? While a fine and enjoyable concert would just give it a grade of a B, last year's was so much better and got an easy A. This year's concert was much shorter, just a little over two hours long which may seem long enough yet their 3rd anniversary back in February was close to seven hours!
 Not tired of their songs yet but have been listening to them too much this year, wish they had more songs as you have a fairly good idea which ones will be performed at each show. Not a complaint as I mentioned their shows beat all the other groups so perhaps I need a break form listening to them so much but I doubt if that will happen.
 Show did get better as it went along, most of my faves were performed in the second half of the show and the screenshots for them are int he next post. Won't give a complete listing of what songs they performed but you probably have a good idea which ones were, of course all of their 13 singles, few of the popular B-sides plus the Undergirls did quite a few tunes. The group performed 28 songs but as mentioned it was barely a two hour show so they did a few medleys with shorter versions of some songs plus they also did "Girls Rule!" twice.
 The concert took place at Budokan and was checking the seating capacity which is a little over 14,500. But there were quite a few seats on the floor so wouldn't doubt if the attendance was a bit higher than 15,000. That could be a reason why the concert wasn't as exciting because the arena is much smaller venue than their usual shows which are held in stadiums. There were no catwalks set up plus they didn't go around in those high carts to get closer to the audience so bet that was the main reason why it wasn't quite as good as some of their other shows. Enough rambling as it's time to get on to the concert screenshots, many more of them in the next post.

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