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Also these days(mid-2017) have many posts for Korean actresses, dramas and films that are worth checking out as over the years have become a much bigger fan of Korean dramas versus the ones from Japan.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nao Kanzaki: A little of this and that....

EDIT: Don't know if you've noticed but Blogger has a new optional feature called 'Featured Post', it's on the top right. You can pick any of your posts to go there and thought it'd be good to bring back some golden oldies for an encore. Will try to put a new one in there every day and almost all of them will be at least a year old as I'm sure many if you have missed some posts from years gone by.

Should do a few posts like this to let viewers know what's going on, think I'll start on that next month to let you know what dramas are going to be reviewed here and any other things that are in the works. Really wanted to let everyone know that there may not be too many posts the next two weeks, this is quite a slow time in Japan for new things as most dramas have ended and very few films come out or are released on DVD. Plus there's very few new mag spreads as most weeklies have already put out an issue or two for January as they usually take off the last two weeks of December. So just wanted you to know if there aren't as many post that's the main reason, looking at the last two Decembers it's also been the case as there were fewer posts done that month than any other one during the year. Still need to finish reviewing the "Siren" and "Okitegami" dramas, been holding off on them so there will be a few things to post about these next two weeks.
 However next week there should be some new things for Nogi fans, the Undergirls are performing two X-Mas shows and the second one happened last night. The regular group will be having their X-Mas concerts on the 20th and 21st and seeing as how one of the shows is going to be streamed should be able to get a copy of it so expect quite a few posts from one of the concerts. Also there tend to be a lot of awards shows at the end of this month and beginning of January so will be on the lookout to see if any of them are at them and hopefully can do a few posts for them.
 That's about it for the 'this and that' but one thing I'd like to work on finally is that top 10 list, kind of have ten females in mind but they seem to change positions often though for the most part the same ten stays the same. One person who I won't include is Erika, really don't know where to put her these days so won't have her on that list. If it wasn't for her this blog would never have happened plus it was named for her "Liar Game" character so we'll have her in an elite category of her own.

 So will be working on that list, hopefully can have that done by the end of the year and perhaps work off that list throughout next year. What I mean is to carry it over each month and make adjustments as some may move up and some down, few may even get bumped from the list but that wouldn't happen often as my current faves have really stayed the same for a few years.
 Though I do post younger Idols on occasion most of my big faves are now 25 or over in age, just two I think haven't reached that age yet as I do prefer them a bit older. No order as of yet but here's who would be on the top ten list, will put it in alpha order and does everyone know all of their names? If you want to list your faves I can work on incorporating them possibly into some posts, perhaps a comparison against mine or other viewers. Also many of these aren't in the top ten for total posts here, really wish there could be more posts for them but sadly wishes don't always come true.

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