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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nogizaka46: X-Mas concert screenshots from December 20th #2

 Was checking on YT, couldn't find any videos from the show or at least videos from a reputable uploader. Not going to add in anything else about the concert, think I discussed enough of what happened in the above post. One thing that was left out was that near the end of the show it was announced that the group's 14th single will be coming out on March 23rd, no other details about it were released though. What that probably means is that the group will once again have only three singles next year with the release dates I would think being in March, July and October.
 In other group news they'll be appearing on three music shows and hopefully will have some info or screenshots from them. And those three shows will be taking place between now and January 4th, after that haven't heard what other activities they'll be doing, for instance wouldn't mind seeing them in another drama.
 One other tidbit is that Oricon released what the top ten selling singles in Japan were for 2015 and the group placed three singles in the top ten. The group took positions #6,7 and 8 on that list with combined sales of close to two million copies sold, their greatest hits album though didn't make the top ten list for albums. AKB took the top three spots on the list but their sales are dropping, as a matter of fact their last single hasn't broken one million in sales yet while the one before that barely broke that mark. Perhaps fans are getting tired of so many members leaving as at least to me it's kind of turning into a 'kiddie kroup' and older fans just aren't into such young Idols.
 Enough blabbering and on to the rest of the screenshots from the concert and though not as good of a show as their others they certainly really look fabulous, no need to worry about kiddies in Nogi. And hopefully will be back tomorrow with more new mag spreads as a few mags are putting some new issues out after taking their usual December holiday.

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