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Monday, December 7, 2015

Nogizaka46: The Nanami Hashimoto post #40

 Nanami rushing home to her computer as she heard about having another solo post....

 Bit exhausted tonight so this is the only post but I guarantee it'll be a fabulous one, is it possible to do a Nanami post that's not fabulous? Actually going to take a breather tomorrow too, usually my break day is either Wednesday or Thursday but will be posting both days as there are a few other Nogi things to post about but honestly right now I'm so beat.
 As far as Nogi goes this is post #400 here for them, think Nanami deserves the honors of being the featured member for it. Never did a post on the group here until I think February 2014 so they've averaged well over four posts a week since then. Almost all of the posts have been about current mag spreads, events or other things for the group and haven't posted many things prior to 2014, think the Natalie 'Power Push' series which came out in 2013 is the only older thing posted here. Won't be calling it a 'from the vault' series but am going to try to fill in some of the older missing blanks and will start doing that with this post. Then again the group is going to be so busy the next two months there may not be enough time for them but on slower days will try to get to those missing items from 2012 and 2013, can't think of many things from them in these last two years that aren't here.
 The older things will be at the bottom but do have a few newer Nanami items, there should also be a solo post for her next week as she'll be hosting the Girls Locks! radio show and will have pics from that. Will probably use that post for a few of her older things too, she didn't appear in as many mags back then or not nearly as many as now but will find a few spreads, also there's a ton of Nogi cards from those two years. Have one new Nanami spread which is form volume two of Update Girls.

 Posted the top card already but here's the rest of Nanami's ones for Halloween, that bottom pic is so stupendous there should be a law against someone looking so good.

 Really thought there was more new solo things than the above ones but guess I was wrong and it's not the first nor last time it'll happen. Actually she hasn't been updating her blog too often, just two pics from the last few weeks which is one reason there aren't more newer things. That's okay as it gives me the chance to post about some of those older things I was mentioning. This first mag spread is another one that defies description which is from 2013 and is from Young Jump #51.

 Other Nanami spread for today is another 2013 one and is from the June issue of Bomb-TV, it's a good sized collection but she looks so terrific should have been five times bigger.

 There's 30 pics above but hate to have Nanami posts that have less than 40 of them so here's a few more of her 'greatest hits' pics.

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