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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yuko Oshima: Voce 'Beauty of the Year' awards show pics and videos

 Just off the topic for a few sentences but has anyone else noticed there's two more impending graduations from AKB? Besides Minami who announced it a while ago it's just come out that Aki and Sae are graduating which is just another word meaning they're leaving. To me it's useless following the group these days, though I'm a fan of a few current members that number is rapidly dwindling. Think these graduations will leave just three members who are 20 or older and wouldn't doubt in the next year if Haruna and/or Yuki announce their plans to leave, would be a wise idea for them if they did.
 Like I said kind of hard following them these days as you need a scorecard to keep track of the members, have just kind of lost interest in the group these last two years with all most of my faves leaving. It's also just become such a 'kiddie kroup', can't see how long term fans in the 20's or older can follow members that are now 12-14. Just a minor observation or rant as I still post about a few members but only the ones who are 20+ in age or some of the faves of mine who have left in these last few years, now on to some better things.............
.......... and it's hard to find many better things int he universe than this!!!!

 Have no clue what the total is but bet no other actress/Idol has won as many awards as Yuko has these last four or so years, has to be at least couple a year. And that total has really been increasing as she's also won so many actress awards for her last two films, to add on to that above rant think the best decision Yuko has ever made was leaving AKB. True they did jump start her career but since leaving she's actually become popular and somehow her looks which have always set a standard of perfection has gotten even more perfect.
 On December 16th Yuko was at the Voce 'Beauty of the Year' awards show which is the award she won, The Beauty of the Year! Haven't heard of any awards show that honor people for a 'beauty of the decade' award but if there was to one then looks like someone would be unbeatable.
 Glad to do a new post too for Yuko, enjoy doing those 'from the vault' ones but prefer doing new things like this, have taken a mini break from that series but will start it soon again as it's kind of a slower time of the year for new things. On to the pics and there's really no superlatives left that I haven't said about Yuko who once again leaves us breathless, also after the fabulous pics check out two videos from the awards show.

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