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Monday, December 28, 2015

Nao Kanzaki's top ten for 2015.... #3- Yuko Oshima

 Been having the 'top ten' awardee of the day the first post that you view but the post above this one is so fabulous think that deserved the top spot for the day, actually it deserves it for every day. That's no knock on Yuko who should be at the top, not only for today but coming close to that position on my all time list.
 Have never had a 'Woman of the Year' award here but if there was one Yuko would have easily taken it for 2015, she's simply something and in more ways than one. True so many of her pics are jaw-dropping as you'll soon see but think she has such a magnetic personality, that list of who I would want to share the rest of my life perhaps could boil down to her or perhaps her closest friend.
Done so many posts of her this year, 40 in the last ten months, there aren't too many new things to post about her but do have her fabulous 2016 calendar, even dressed casually she looks A-OK!

 Was thinking when I was making up this top ten list that there's no way Yuko won't be #1 next year, would like her to be but the woman in the above post I have to admit may be impossible to top. However a #2 position next year seems like it's in the cards and who knows what'll happen next year as she just may take that top spot. Haven't done too many Yuko posts lately but will be starting back again on her 'from the vault' series, trying to space those posts out as there's not an endless supply of pics or older things. Plus I don't think we'll be hearing too much from Yuko over the next few months though I hope we do so that's why the 'vault series' was given a breather.
 No dramas are in the works yet for next year though Yuko will be starring in a movie called "Sanada Ten Braves", not much info on that yet as it's not coming out until September. Yuko will also be appearing in her second stage play this Spring, can't recall the title of it right now but was reading about it last week and once more news comes out about will be posting about.
 Going to keep this post brief, kind of hard thinking of new things for Yuko or others when there's been so many posts about them here. As mentioned before haven't heard from many about my top ten to date, two more of them to list and would like to hear if you agree or not with my selections and it's fine if you don't as I realize my tastes aren't exactly like everyone else's. So to end off just superb Yuko pics and to be honest aren't 100% of her pics more than superb? After them are two videos, a newish CM from Minon that also has some behind the scenes shots plus Yuko's 1/48 photo shoot.


  1. Easily my #1, although my list of candidates is a good deal smaller than yours I imagine! Agree with the point you made a few posts back, I think leaving AKB was a good decision and has boosted her potential no end.

    Any idea if there's a subbed version of Yamegoku around? I managed to catch an episode while I was in Japan in June but I've been left in perpetual suspense ever since...

  2. Thanks for liking Yuko's position, really think she has a good chance to hit the top spot next year. As far as Yamegoku goes I've also been looking for subs and haven't found any which is kind of surprising considering her popularity.