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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nao Kanzaki's top ten for 2015.... #8- Miori Takimoto

 Of course in any top ten or larger list there's probably going to be people who jump up many positions but that also means some will drop down quite a few positions. Sadly for this year think that Miori takes the prize for biggest drop....

 Looks like she won't forgive me but I honestly wish she was much higher, think perhaps we should blame Miori. Didn't do one of these lists last year, actually this is the first kind of list I've ever done here. But if there was one done for last year Miori would have been no lower than #3, perhaps even one spot higher than that and it kind of hurts me that she's dropped so far down.

 Then again seeing as how there's over 60 million females in Japan ending up in the 8th position you could also consider an impressive achievement. For the most part my faves don't change or at least my top 25 or so, bet only a few drop out of that list every year which means very few new ones are added in.
 But a huge factor is figuring out what position they end up in is what they've done for the last year or so, if they're in the limelight often then they'll probably end up in a high spot. Guess you could use that cliche 'out of sight, out of mind' and that cliche has fit Miori only too well the last year and a half. She hasn't been in a cinematic movie since "Sadako 3D" which came out in August 2013, this past year she only appeared in two mini dramas and seeing as how both were on NHK-BS I wasn't able to find them.
 Kind of strange why Miori has disappeared, seemed as though back in 2013 she was primed to be a huge star as she had the lead in four dramas by then plus was always at some promo event or involved in something. But these days I'm wondering why she's been so silent, she still is the lead vocalist in Lagoon who released two singles this year but besides that seems like she's rehearsing for the lead role in the "Invisible Woman" movie.
 Don't mean to put down Miori but just can't understand why she was on the brink of stardom and then disappeared, all that hard work and momentum seems to have gone to waste. Then again perhaps she had worked so hard she got burned out or was just getting sick of the entertainment industry and needed a break. Miori is just 24 so there's still plenty of time for a comeback and wouldn't doubt if that'll happen next year, hope it's not wishful thinking.
 No new pics for today but though they're all oldies every one is truly magnificent, Lagoon has done a few shows recently so will be working on getting some pics from the concerts. Meanwhile though Miori has dropped in the ranks she's still and will always be one of my big faves, easy to see why viewing these. There were a couple of really good videos on YT, one which was a short promo movie for Godiva and the other was from the 2013 Venice Film Festival. For some reason they're both gone so after the pics is a video of Lagoon at the '2015 Girls Awards' Spring show.

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