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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Nao Kanzaki's top ten for 2015.... #4- Nanami Hashimoto

 Don't recall a woman whose looks have changed so much over the years, they've changed but Nanami still kind of looks the same. Bit hard to put those thoughts into words but when we first saw her four years ago she didn't look nearly as stunning as she does now. Back in 2011-2012 her looks were kind of unique which sort of reeled me in, back then she was only 18-19 and seeing as how she's going to be turning 23 soon maybe it's just a case of getting older. Small comparison of years past versus more recent pics.

 Positions four through six were so tough to figure out, any of them could have moved up or down a spot or two and that position wouldn't have been wrong. So far there's been no comments on my top ten list, feel free to say good choice or you could even say what were you thinking of? Have a feeling Nanami may not be the most popular selection on the list but her posts here do attract quite a few views, hope she appreciates all this hard work I'm doing for her as no one has had more posts here than Nanami this last year.

 If it's a dream don't wake me up.... have visited a few forums and it doesn't appear Nanami is as well liked as many other members. Can't understand that as her looks are really second to none these days, lot of people tend to be put off by her daffiness which actually is part of her appeal. Nanami is kind of different from other Idols as she doesn't really fit that mold and is kind of her own person, bit smarter and much more interesting.
 Have done so many posts of her this last year there's very few new things as I tend to post them right away. However do have a few recent blog pics, who wouldn't want her as a Santa(!) and after those are some screenshots from two days ago as the group appeared on Music Station's 'Super Live' show.

 Nogi46 has been around for a little over four years now and their popularity has never been bigger, after AKB you have to say they're the most popular female Idol group. So far no major member has graduated but you figure that's going to be happening soon as they are getting older, the majority of the most liked members are or will be between the ages of 22-25.
 Just kind of wondering what someone like Nanami will do in the future, not that she's going to be leaving the group anytime soon but kind of curious what her or other members will be doing when they're 28+. One thing I haven't watched yet is her film "Three of Psychic Department" which came out in December 2014. Have had the movie for a few months now but it hasn't been subbed, keep holding out hope that it will be which why I haven't viewed it yet. However can't wait forever so if there's no subs done by the end of next month will view and try to give a review which may be tough with no subs.
 That's probably enough talk for the day, every post I do for Nanami turns out like this where I just can't stop talking about her. Hope some of you viewers agree with this position, like I said it was tough but think ending up #4 sounds about right and if the group stays together for more years then there's a possibility of her moving up a spot or two. To end off just have some ultra perfect pics of Nanami, many have been posted before but I can never get tired of viewing them plus after the pics have two really superb videos.


  1. Nanami is one of the only two Japanese idols that I like, with the other one being Kojima Haruna.

    1. There aren't too many current Idols that I really like either or at least compared to years ago. This top ten list really only had two of them if you still count Yuko as an Idol but like her so much better since she left AKB. It is true that there are a lot of idol posts here but have been slowing down on them, even if the list was for my fave top 20 there would probably be only another idol or two added in. Actually I did like Rena Matsui quite a bit, think I'll end up liking her more once her non-idol career gets going.

    2. Okay, technically I lied since I really like Momo, Mina and Sana in Twice, which is a Kpop group.

      But yeah, I could never really get into J idols since I'm a Kpop fan, but your Nanami posts made me a fan.


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