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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sakura Miyawaki: 2015 magazine scans #7 and more....

 Perhaps this is always a slow time of the year, need to check some of the posts from the prior years to see if that's true. Lot of magazines tend to take a few weeks off from publishing, for instance you see them labeled issue #1 and 2 for a year as they combine the weeks together plus some weekly mags have already put out their first issue for 2016, that I don't understand.
 Don't know if any others out there have noticed that trend over the years, just brought that as the mag spreads, promo events and film premieres have really slowed down these last few weeks. Can always find something to post about here so they'll always be something for most days but prefer to post about current things and have the older posts as change of paces. Bit of an edit as I've finished the post but I certainly can ramble on at times I've noticed, seems once I start typing so many new thoughts come out, wonder if that happens with any of you viewers out there?
 In two recent posts have mentioned that I have a lot of 2/3's posts, just don't have enough for a huge post or at least one that's good enough for my standards. Maybe I should lower those standards as I try to make every post an excellent one, sometimes it just isn't possible and I end up holding on to things for too long.
 That's the case for Sakura today, have a few really terrific new mag spreads but it's not going to be as big of a post as usual. This is already her 7th mag spread post which is quite a few as I've only been posting the mags she's appeared in since August, can see her having twenty or more for next year. Maybe the quantity is lacking but the quality certainly isn't as this first Sakura post could be her best to date, it's actually a big spread so though there aren't many they'll be many pics. This fabulous set of pics is from volume four of BLT Graph, it's a new magazine as you can tell by it only being it's fourth volume but it's turning into one of the better mags around.

 Only other Sakura spread is a smaller one from Weekly Shonen Champion #52.

 Oooops, made a mistake as there's one other small spread with Haruka which is from Young Magazine #53.

 Guess it ended up being an okay sized post, last Sakura thing are her AKB Theater cards for November, she has quite a few cards for this year so that'll be an upcoming project which is going to be gathering all those cards for a few posts.

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