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Friday, December 4, 2015

Saki Fukuda: A little of this and that #3....

 Sadly just the one new Instagram pic but what a pic it is!!!!

 Going to be tough but am trying to do at least one Saki post a week, may not be too hard at first but as time goes on if she's not doing anything new it will be. Besides the "Quartet" drama there's also something else I forgot to carry over from her defunct blog and that was two posts for her appearance on the "Legal High" drama back in 2012. It was really one of Saki's best performances and it was really the highlight of that first season. So guess the plan is to watch it again, no complaints from me on that, so will be doing a couple of posts soon for the show but here's a few screenshots from it as she plays a punk rocker named Hanae who has a song stolen from her and she goes to court to try to recoup the money, it was episode #2.

 The other big thing that I forgot to carry over when I deleted her blog were all the posts for the "Quartet" drama which aired in 2011. It's unlike any other drama Saki has appeared in as she plays a tough female named Shun whose brother was killed and after that she gets recruited to enter this mythical town called Midori in Tokyo. There with a partner Shun is after a major drug dealer who also had a hand in her brother's death. Doing another watch of the series again so I can post about, just finished episode four and there's a total of nine shows so hopefully can get that done by next week. Here's a few Saki screenshots from what I've watched already, with her regular hair she's quite unbeatable but as a blonde, wow!!!!

 One drama I've never watched was her "W no Higeki" series which aired in 2012, don't think her role was huge plus didn't really care for most of the cast. Found these screenshots though and Saki looks kind of amazing, makes me want to watch it but not the whole series, does anyone know what episode these screenshots are from? If I can find that out then just may watch this episode and perhaps any other ones her that her role is bigger.  Edit: found it's from episode seven.

 That pic at the top is the only recent Saki pic which is such a shame, least to me it is. However did find a few pics which have never been posted here yet which are the first three plus a few that have probably been posted already but Saki looks so tremendous they deserve encores.

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