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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Yui Aragaki: "Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku" drama episode 8 recap and screenshots

 Start Date: October 10, 2015  Director: Toya Sato   Rating: 7.2%

Main Cast:

Yui Aragaki as Kyoko Okitegami
Masaki Okada as Yakusuke Kakushidate
Mitsuhiro Oikawa as Horo Kizunai
Arioka Daiki as Nuru Narikawa
Rio Uchida as Makuru Makuma

 Going to try to keep this a bit brief, mainly because I'm attempting to do two drama reviews tonight which is a rarity, they're not difficult but just a bit time consuming. Unsure about how I'm going to recap the rest of this series, if there's just two episodes left then will hold off a week then do two reviews on the same day for episodes nine and ten. But if there's three shows left then will do episode nine next week and then two weeks after will be reviewing the last two episodes. Just visited the show's website and as usual no info on how many more episodes it'll be but have the impression episode ten will be the final one, if anyone knows for sure just leave me a comment.
 Few different things took place in this episode, mainly at the beginning at end so will get them later as we'll look at the mystery Kyoko had to solve this time. This was an okay episode, especially the beginning and end as we learned more about Kyoko but the mystery this time may have been the weakest to date so perhaps that's why it got it's lowest rating.

 Yakusuke's job this time around was working at a upscale clothing store called Nashorn, after all of his jobs and the fact he has to keep paying Kyoko to bail him out he finally admitted in this episode that his funds have finally hit rock bottom. On the morning of Nashorn's third anniversary sale a tragedy happened.... a special customer named Yanei was found murdered in a dressing room, once again all fingers pointed to Yakusuke as the culprit. But there was really no evidence to back that fact so the police have called in Kyoko to help them solve the murder.
 At first Kyoko didn't want to give them all of the information she had discovered, she was only going to get paid half her regular wages so she originally only told them half of what she discovered. However the police finally relented and were willing to pay her full wages, Kyoko also relented and with the help of Yakusuke explained what happened. To me her explaining the details of the case were what brought the episode down, seemed like she only investigated the details of the murder for a few minutes but was able to deduce what happened at the snap of a finger.
 Yanei had been clubbed by a coat hanger(!) and was left in a dressing room where she went unnoticed for almost an hour. No one saw anyone leave the dressing room, it wasn't even captured on the store's video camera. Kyoko surmised though no one had left that dressing room because the murderer had managed to get to the next room without anyone noticing and then escaped. But the culprit really didn't escape as Kyoko has figured out that the murderer is an employee of the store, the key to the mystery are the shoes one of them is wearing.

 The employees at the store would check the dressing rooms every 15 minutes if a customer was still in there, what the culprit did was switch the shoes outside the room to make it look like a different person was now in there. Which is how the victim went undiscovered for at least an hour until Yakusuke happened to drop a pile of shoe boxes in front of that room and noticed blood on the floor. Upon entering the dressing room a body was discovered, all fingers pointed at him again and as usual they were pointed at the wrong person.
 One of the boxes he dropped contained the murderer's real shoes, Kyoko said whoever is wearing the shoes that should be inside that box is the murderer. Which was the case as a jealous employee had done the crime, she was jealous because she thought that the store's manager was going to marry Yanei instead of her. Actually the manager had said the same thing to all the employees which is that he would marry them, no crime in that but it did lead to a murder.
 That really sums up the mystery this time around, it really wasn't all that strong of a cast to solve plus instead of working on the case for most of the show seemed like it only took about 2/3 of the episode. That's because we did learn a few new things finally about Kyoko and how she lives, even she's a bit confused on how she ended up living as a detective.
 She's been living in an apartment above the Sandglass Cafe for three years, how she ended up there is a mystery to her and Kyoko is starting to become more serious about finding out about her past. Seems like the one person who would now is the owner of the cafe who is Horo but he beats around the bush and never quite explains to her how she ended up living there. Also seems Horo knows much more about her past then he's admitting, sure it will come out towards the end of the series but for now Kyoko is just so confused about most most things in her life. Seems like we would all feel like she does now, when you wake up every day wondering who you are because your memory gets reset think all of us would eventually start to feel a bit anxious.

 All of Kyoko's questions about her past happened in the first 7+ minutes of the show which really was the best part of the episode. In the final two minutes though a major development has happened, one that will be continued on for the next two episodes and will give the details of that in the next post. Of course the next post has many more screenshots from this episode, probably didn't need to take as many as I did as so little happened in this show compared to the previous episodes. As mentioned above unsure about the next update, if there's two more shows left will be reviewing both together in two weeks, if there's an 11th episode will be back next week with a recap for episode 9.

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