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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Siren drama: Episode seven recap and screenshots

Start Date: Tuesday, October 20th at 9:00 pm Episode 7 rating: ?

Main Cast:

Tori Matsuzaka as Shinobu Satomi
Fumino Kimura as Yuki Inokuma
Nanao as Kara Tachibana
Eiichiro Funakoshi as Minoru Ando
Hiromitsu Kitayama as Sho Hayami
Jun Kaname as Kei Tsukimoto (it's wrong on Asianwiki)
Sayaka Yamaguchi as Hiroko Chitose
Ren Osugi as Fumikazu Inokuma
Ken Mitsuishi as Kohei Watari
Guest Stars
Hinako Sano as Ai
Anna Iriyama as Rena

 Thinking there's going to be two more episodes, if so will combine those together into one post or perhaps two different posts but in the same day. Dramas like this one which has a continuing story line it's kind of better to do it that way, can take my time and make the recap a bit more detailed as this series will need a very detailed ending as so much is about to happen.
 At the conclusion of episode six Kara had tricked Yuki into coming to Watari's villa, instead of explaining some facts about an old case she clubs Yuki over the head with a golf club. Yuki is just waking up at the beginning of the episode as she's tied up and blindfolded in the villa's basement. When Yuki finally wakes up Kara comes down the stairs but Yuki has everything mixed up, she actually thinks someone else clubbed her and that Kara is being forced by that person to keep her tied up.
 It didn't take long Yuki to come to the correct conclusions of what is happening which is that Kara is the one and only person responsible for hurting Yuki. Kara's plan is to kill Yuki but she's taking her time on that, a slow torture is what's on Kara's mind now and she ends up torturing Yuki throughout this episode. Yuki kep trying to find out the reason for Kara wanting to kill her, we really wanted to find out why too but she's taking her time with the explanation as the mystery of Kara's hatred towards Yuki remains a mystery.

 Kind of wish they didn't drag on the mystery but seeing as how there's at least two episodes left guess they need to, can't have Kara killing Yuki quite yet. But of course some events will happen which will prevent Kara from killing her but there should be at least one more murder that's going to happen. Rena, a hostess who worked at Kara's club, has helping Satomi out with finding out details about Kara's life. When Kara found out about that Rena became her first hostage as she's also held at the villa and would be surprised if her demise doesn't happen at the beginning of the next episode.
 That basement scene did last quite a long time, we didn't learn many new things but it didn't drag on at all. One thing we did learn was how murders Kara has committed, she says it's five but think she's referring to the current murders as she did admit killing her father when she was fourteen.
 On to Satomi who is still suspended from the police force for that attempted rape on Kara but have a feeling quite a few at the force feel he's innocent but just can't prove it. Satomi does come rushing into the station one day reporting that Yuki is missing,m they didn't believe him at first but after he left a few at the station did some investigating and now they believe something has happened to her.

 Satomi happens to see Watari shortly after, Watari is the older man Kara has duped into living at his apartment and even has him believing that they'll get married. She also convinced Watari that Satomi is stalking her which of course is not happening but he falls for anything Kara tells him. When Satomi noticed Watari he followed him to his apartment which was right across the street from Satomi's place. The pair had a confrontation which led nowhere for Satomi as he was unable to find out the current whereabouts of Kara, though she's certainly one suspicious woman don't think Satomi has any clue of what she's doing to Yuki.
 After that confrontation Watari has talked to Kara, once again she dupes him into doing something evil for her. And that evil act is that Kara told him as long as Satomi is stalking her there's no way the two of them can get married. Watari is outraged at that and follows Satomi who suddenly stops at the top of some stairs to take a phone call. As Satomi is on the phone Watari rushed towards him and proceeds to beat him with a bat, so hard that Satomi falls down the deep stairs and is critically injured. Watari runs away al, enthused at his act, now him and Kara can finally get married but you wonder will he be another victim in the long list of Kar'a murders.
 Meanwhile Satomi is rushed to the hospital, he's not looking too good at all as he's wheeled into the emergency room. Not sure what's going to happen to him yet as the episode ends at the hospital. Have to figure he'll recover though as we would imagine he'd end up being the hero in the end. Also Watari can't have much longer to live, now that he's done that deed Kara may have to eliminate him as he can point the finger at her for so much evilness.

 These last few episodes should be quite an interesting watch, there's just so much going on. Also just remembered right now but Tsukimoto has made a return. Was unsure whether Kara had actually killed him at the end of the fourth episode but looks like the answer to that is no as he's also at the villa. However he's in a drugged condition, he didn't make his appearance until the very end so can't say what's really up with him, wonder if he's drugged up enough to do some killing for Kara?
 This series has really been getting better with each episode, it's really set up for a dramatic ending and hoping it doesn't end off too cheesy with Satomi being the hero. Think all the major points were covered here but anything left out you can check out in the next post of screenshots.

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