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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nao Kanzaki's top ten for 2015.... #2- Saki Fukuda

 Hope Saki is announcing to the world that she finished #2 on Nao's first ever top ten list!!!!

 There were some comments for the women who finished in the third and fourth positions, thanks for them and added in my comments to them. Will be taking off tomorrow for this list and #1 will be posted about on Thursday, sure it's no mystery who will be taking that spot.
 For most of this year Saki could have been #1, deep down she just may be to me but the female who will be getting the top spot probably deserves it and has for a few years. This will probably be the shortest post of all for the top ten list, mainly because there hasn't been all that much going on with Saki this year. She's currently in a play called "A Wanderer's Notebook" which I think has two more weeks to go, on her her blog recently she said she'll be in another play this Spring but forget the name of it. What we really need is Saki in more dramas and films, she appeared in just one drama for 2015 though she did four guest spots on other dramas but hasn't been in a movie since 2013.
 On my Google+ account there's been some good posts on her lately there, seems she does have more fans than just me in the world. One comment was good and it said a few things I've also thought which pertains to her mode of dress. That commenter said Saki dresses way too casually, she wears too many baggy clothes and attire like that which is something I've also thought for a while. Kind of think it's hurt her career a bit as Saki really is one adorable woman with such an unappreciated figure.

 All those pics look fabulous but to be honest if Saki dressed more like she did in the bottom two pics wouldn't she be more popular with more meatier roles? Nothing against her being conservative as that may be one of the big reasons I'm kind of hooked on her. But Saki does have such an incredible figure which goes unnoticed, wonder why she doesn't 'vamp out' more? One other thought about it, of all the popular actresses and Idols from the last decade I think Saki is the only one we've seen in a swimsuit. Could be getting late for her to start appearing in spreads dressed like that now but it's a shame she never did, actually even her at 25 Saki isn't too old as it seems so many of her peers lately have been dressing like that in photobooks or mag spreads.

 Believe me, none of that is a knock on Saki as there's nothing she could do wrong in my eyes, well that is except for never returning all of my phone calls. Soon though they'll be a few more 'Saki from the Vault' posts plus I just finished viewing the "Quartet" drama again so will be reviewing that and hopefully can start on it this weekend. Sure you all know who Saki's best friend is, hope she isn't too upset at her for finishing one spot in front of her.

 Really not much more to add as there's been very little new things happening with her lately, honestly everything I said above was because I like Saki more than you can believe and really think she should be so much more popular. To end off have some incredibly stupendous pics though too many I realize are repeats though that never stops me from looking at them every day. After the pics are two videos, one is with that best friend back in 2009 promoting "The Cherry Orchard' DVD and the other one is the PV for Saki's 2009 single "Ashita e no Hikari". That single was the theme song for her "Maid Deka" drama and charted the highest of all her songs at #19, still can't find an unsubbed Chinese version of that series, can anyone help?

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