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Monday, May 9, 2016

C-ute: The 'C-ute Singles series'.... "Queen of J-pop" album

 Last 'C-ute Singles series' post said I'd probably add in their albums too, figured why wait until the end as this was released in September 2013 which was two months prior to their 23rd single. Been noticing C-ute's posts here are like their singles sales, get a lot of sales/views in the beginning than they rapidly dwindle to almost nothing. Was hoping to attract new fans for them but guess that's not the case, perhaps a few new ones we've acquired for them but not nearly as many as they deserve.

 Been doing more J-Pop posts than ever lately, mainly because there hasn't been all that much to post about my other faves who aren't J-Poppers. Been trying to think who should be added in next as far as groups go, do like Momiro Clover quite a bit but think enough blogs cover them. Was thinking about Juice=Juice who with C-ute are a Hello Project group, been kind of enjoying their music lately so perhaps I'll try a few posts out for them soon.
 As mentioned this album came out in September, 2013 and finished in the #6 spot on the Oricon charts it's first week out but selling just 11,700 copies. The following weeks the sales really fell off as it sold just 3,200 copies it's next month out. Wonder if their albums could be longer to attract fans, there were eleven tunes on the album totaling 50 minutes, few of the songs had been released as singles. Perhaps a longer album with more new tunes would have increased sales a bit.
 Two versions of the album were released, both had the same eleven songs but the deluxe version had a few extra videos and both did have some footage of their 2013 Spring tour. Haven't done a post on that tour yet so that's another C-ute post to look for. The group's 23rd single had very few cards for it and the main reason was probably because there were so many for this album, first off are some group cards.

 Plenty of individual cards too, have eight of them for each member and don't need to tell you who is who as the cards have their names on them.

 There's an excellent chance there will be a second post for this album, have many more cards plus a few mag spreads and other things so that could be their next post. Do admit at first this album didn't seem as solid as their other ones but these days it's really grown on me and not a week goes by without listening to it at least once.
 The most known song off the album was "Crazy Kanzen na Otona" which is near the top of my fave singles from them. Figure most of you have heard the tune so for a video picked a song that wasn't a single, it led off the album and is called "Bagel ni Ham and Cheese". On the deluxe edition there was also a video of it but here's a different one with English subs.

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