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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Nogizaka46: Erika Ikuta and Mai Shiraishi 'NogiKoi' cards #1

 Of course all us Nogi fans were glad to see so many photobooks but isn't it time that there were a few second editions, for me these two deserve another PB along with you know who.

 Some of you may remember two years ago I started two blogs, one each for Miori and Saki. Had them for about eight months then deleted them, few of you commented that you missed them and even a few at some forums said they missed them. Wasn't really a case of being too busy of juggling three blogs but the main reason it seemed was that both of them went too reclusive.
 After a few months it was getting too difficult finding things to post about, if they both had kept busy then there's a good chance they'd still be going. Bring that up because in the back of my mind still think about starting a Nogi blog. Do have one set up with a name 'Girls Rule' which surprisingly hadn't been taken.

 Don't think it'd be hard to keep up, actually could do many more posts there for the group. Could do more here but trying not to have them dominate like they have been recently, there's just always so many things to post about them. For instance today have 50 pics for two members but could have had a few more posts, actually may have a few more posts with these kinds of pics soon. If it's going to happen it'll have to be soon as I need to copy over all these posts which would be such a task.
 What worries me is that I've built up a following here and I thank everyone again for your repeat visits. If there was a Nogi blog started was wondering if there would be a big loss of viewers here and would it be a competition between the two blogs. Like I said need to decide soon, no later than the end of this month but am leaning towards just maintaining this one. Also perhaps having two busy blogs would be a bit too time consuming, was wondering if anyone else has ever had two blogs that were busy such as doing five posts each day on them?

 Hmmmm, the writing will cease soon but have you ever noticed putting your thoughts into words solves a problem or answers your question? Now I'm about 90% sure that will just keep this one blog going, have put so much time and effort into it. Plus I wouldn't be posting about Nogi here if they had their own blog which would be a big loss of viewers but it did feel could saying these things kind of out loud.

 On to the main theme which is the reason why you're probably all viewing this and that's some really superb pics. Was visiting their site and they mentioned they've had over a million downloads for the dating game app you can get at the NogiKoi site. Today have two members with 25 pics each, Erika's theme is a schoolgirl while Mai's is just looking like her usual fabulous self.

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