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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: Another 'single' fave is no longer that way....

 Don't know if you heard the news but Saki Aibu announced her marriage today, though she doesn't have a huge amount of posts here I've always liked her quite a bit and perhaps more than others with many more posts.
 What it means is another fave of mine has joined the ranks of no longer being single. Sure to keep your sanity there's many of my posts you don't read but was mentioning something along the marriage lines in my 'Thanks for three million views' post. What I said was that when someone got married that I'll no longer post about them, just doesn't seem right to me.
 But had also mentioned that in a few years may be running out of faves to post about, aren't too many young females that excite me too much. But this marriage brings to five that have happened in the last few years with my really big faves, a few others who I've posted about have also taken the plunge into wedded bliss. Think the first one was Ayumi who know also has a child.

 Following her with a walk down the aisle was Aya who now also has a child.

 And then there's Yui who I've followed for such a long time. Still do follow her as was just reading she's expecting her first child this year and she was married last September.

 And finally as far as non-singles go is Maki who was the biggest of my faves to get hitched. That happened last Summer and it was kind of a quickie marriage so it was a surprise that she wasn't pregnant and so far still isn't.

 Those five have all tied the knot which brings me to these final thoughts.... which of these five will be the next one to get married? All are closing in on the age of thirty which makes me think one of them will be the next of my faves to take the plunge. Few have been in relationships though from what I hear none are right now nor have they been in one for a while.
 That being the case if they're reading this will let them know I'm available and am in their age range though I've noticed most Japanese women tend to get married to much older men. Personally I really can't think of who will be the next one to say 'I Do', sometimes think this one will or perhaps that one but really have no clue who will be joining any of the females above soon. Comments are quite welcome as I'd be curious on any thoughts on who will be next, perhaps I should start a pool? No need to list their names as you all know them so well by now.


  1. I don't mind when they get married; it's usually just that their career starts slowing down a lot after that. Then that's when I have to go start searching for new favs.

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    1. I don't mind too much either when they get hitched, can't expect them to remain nuns all their lives. Only problem with finding new faves is that it's harder to find older gals, if I was still twenty it wouldn't be a problem as there are plenty of 18-20 year olds to post about. However when you get older you'd prefer to post about ones around your age like Erika or Masami, most newer Idols these days don't impress me all that much.