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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nogizaka46: The Nogi '(un)Masters of Bowling Tournament' #2

 The final head to head match was so much more enjoyable than the first two games, seems like as the best two teams were pitted against each other. Helped that more of my faves were on these teams such as Nanami who did show some skill at ten pins and was one of the reasons her team won.
 Let that out of the bag as the team she was on, Team Mai F barely edged Team Mai S 66-59 which was because of the bonus red pin again, both teams scored well in the final frame thanks to that pin. There were two members who were a bit impressive in this match, for the losing team Misa may have been the best of them all as she ended being the only one to throw a strike.
 For the winning team the now graduated Seira was almost as good as she threw a nine on her team's final ball to send them to victory. Kind of hard to make bowling sound exciting, not like you're writing about a regular ball game but watching bowling is actually kind of exciting with the pros.
 Right after these screenshots check out the details for the final match which wasn't a head to head match but the three wining teams in a winner take all game.

 This final match the format was slightly different, perhaps I should say entirely different. Instead of six frames they bowled a regulation ten, for the first six frames the bowler would throw both balls instead of rotating. Frames 7-9 the teams went back to rotating but in the tenth frame the teams were allowed to pick who the bowlers would be and the bonus points were much higher.
 The game started out a bit sluggish as you can see by the screenshots, some of the members never threw a ball that didn't go in the gutter and that included their game before this one. The pace in the second half picked up quite a bit as going down to the final few frames all of the teams had a chance to claim the title of 'Best Nogi Bowling Team'.

 Team Mai F struggled quite a bit this game but Seira kept them in it as it looks like she could be an okay bowler with more practice, they even had a chance to win it thanks to her final frame. However she eclipsed thanks to the bonus pins in the final frame by Sayuri of Team Ikoma, it gave them a sizable lead that would take a miracle to top.
 Team Ikuta did have a miracle and her name was Chiharu. The only way they could win was with a spare and they let her throw both balls. First ball was okay with a seven but not an easy spare leave but with her teammates cheering her on she managed to convert the spare thus sending the team to a ten pin victory.
 Those first two matches could have put you to sleep but these last two proved to be an enjoyable watch as both game down to the final ball. There was a total of 36 members who bowled, perhaps four were halfway decent, four were so-so with the remainder absolutely horrible. Perhaps in a future Bingo! show they should pit those eight together in a rematch. Few more screenshots for you to follow the exciting action, not sure what the prize was for the winning team, think a gift certificate.

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