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Also these days(mid-2017) have many posts for Korean actresses, dramas and films that are worth checking out as over the years have become a much bigger fan of Korean dramas versus the ones from Japan.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lee Yeon-hee: 'Amore Pacific Pink Ribbon' promo event pics and more....

 Mentioned I was going to do a few posts about some of my fave Korean actresses, hasn't worked out according to plan as there's just this one who is getting a fair amount of attention. One thing that hurts me is not knowing what Korean news sites to go to, know most of the Japanese sites but as far as Korea goes that number is very small plus I can't understand the language all that well.
 Yeon-hee hasn't been all that busy this last month so not knowing where to get info hasn't hurt me too much. But it did here as I was able to find these pics of a 'Amore Pacific Pink Ribbon' promo event that took place two days ago but zero about the event at any Korean news site. Think my search abilities are fine so it's kind of a mystery why there was no news about this event nor a video.

 Another thing I said that was going to happen which hasn't yet are some reviews of her "Ghost" drama from 2012. The plan was to do a recap of episodes 2-5 with plenty of screenshots, right now I'm on episode six. Think it may be better to review the whole drama at one time instead of two posts today then two more a month from now.
 Anyone who has seen the series knows how complicated the show is, seems like there's a new subplot every episode. Been keeping notes to help with the review and those notes have turned into several pages. So now and again will post a few Yeon-hee screenshots from the drama like these here from episodes 2-5, so far would highly recommend it.


  1. In English, you'll want to go to Soompi or Allkpop. For specifically actor/actress news you'll want to go to Han Cinema.

    For Korean news, Naver, Nate and Daum are the three big portals (think of them similar to Yahoo or Google).

  2. If you want specific news about any actress, the best sites to go to are their DC Gallery/DC Inside pages (in Korean) or their Baidu bar (in Mandarin). For my favorite Korean actress, I tend to find more info from Baidu than DC.

  3. Thanks as usual for the suggestions. Forgot about Allkpop, have gone to that site and it's a fairly good one. Used to visit Soompi a few years ago, even though I wasn't posting about actresses here still liked to keep up on their activities. Recently it's gone way downhill in my opinion, for instance Yeon-hee's thread has had about five posts this year even though she's done plenty of things. Seems these days unless you're one of the very popular actors/actresses you don't get posted about enough.

    Will try out those other sites, for me the Japanese have so many sites that are easy to get to such as Oricon, Sanspo, Natalie, Mantan Web and others. Guess what I need to do is start posting more about Korean actresses which will force me to learn what sites to go to and which ones are good.

    My Japanese reading ability has really improved immensely going to those sites and very rarely need to use any translating services or one of my books. I'd like to learn more Korean so perhaps that will help, really need to knuckle down and start studying those language books I have.

    1. Yeah, it seems like a lot of the threads on Soompi died, so I mainly stick to the front page where they have news.

      For learning Korean, my favorites are "Elementary Korean" and "Continuing Korean". They recently came out with an "Advanced Korean," though it wouldn't help me much today. After Continuing Korean, I moved on to pure grammar books and started reading a lot and learning a lot of words.