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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mirei Kiritani: Sensation press conference pics and new Sapporo CM

Hopefully rested up enough so we will be hearing more from her....

.... sigh, sadly it wasn't me who took that pic.

  Funny how when you talk about something certain events tend to happen right after it. Two weeks ago was wondering who may be the next of my faves to get hitched, it hasn't happened yet but the next day we heard news of who may be walking down the aisle soon.
 Yesterday made a comment about how too many of my huge faves have taken extended holidays at the same time and how it's been months since I've posted about any of them. No doubt Mirei read her name in that post and quickly jumped into action, know a place she can jump into next.
 Before the main news Mirei will have the lead in another drama that's starting up in July titled "Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto". It's going to be a lighthearted love drama and has an excellent time slot as it'll be airing on Fuji-TV at 9:00 pm on Mondays which is a prime slot. Hoping it'll be better than her last few dramas or at least the subbed ones, Mirei's movies are usually quite entertaining but can't say the same for her dramas though.
 Sure there will be much news about it here coming up, still have about two months until it begins. On to the main theme for this post which is about the 'Sensation' press conference which took place on May 11th. It's a mega music festival that will be taking place this September 3rd in Chiba, quite a long list of groups will be there from Japan and many from this side of the world. Miirei was appointed ambassador of the concert so hopefully that means we'll be seeing more of her promoting the concert. Shame I couldn't find more pics but still looking.....wow....wow....wow....wow....

 Other Mirei news is a new CM for Sapporo Zero, as far as I know it's not referring to her weight. The CM is only 30 seconds long but this is a nine(!) minute video as it includes the 'making of it'.


  1. That first photo is awesome.

  2. You're first on the list of people I notify when a pic of her isn't awesome. Wouldn't hold your breath waiting for that notification though, then again you may not have any left as that first pic may have left you(and me) breathless!