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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Erina Mano: "Hanbun Esper" drama episode two recap and screenshots

 Wasn't planning on doing another recap so soon but figured why not as I may as well do it before I forget what transpired which is happening to me too often lately. In the first episode, recap of that was done yesterday, we learned that Erina has been living at 'Kokueken' which is the Japanese National Esper Research Institute. She's 19 and at that age most with ESP powers have left the institute but Erina has stayed on due to the fact she can't control her powers.
 However she learns of another power she has which is teleporting and she transports herself to the outside world. Erina is found though by the chief and her handler, the chief has a soft side and agrees to let her stay in the outside world though he'll be keeping an eye on her. That brings us to this second episode and all of the shows will be showing Erina learning to live in the real world, personally wouldn't mind giving her a few lessons. Erina also sings the opening and closing songs for the show.

 The chief's voice can come from anywhere, this time around he's in Erina's alarm clock as she's truly one who enjoys oversleeping. One task Erina needs to do everyday in the real world is to help others out, she's not sure what that means but that's part of her learning experience. Every episode also has a title to it with this one being 'For Mankind', Erina obtains a job in this episode but unsure if she'll be having that job in future episodes.
 Her first ever job is working in a convenience store, the clerk training her is Sayumi who you all know well from Morning Musume. Sayumi though isn't a great worker or person, every time Erina does something excellent at the store Sayumi takes credit for it.

 Even with Sayumi acting that way things seem to be going well for Erina at her first job until a serial robber enters the store. He convinces the staff he's there to help them out in finding shoplifters but instead of doing that he ends up robbing the store. No one gave it a second thought when the robber helped himself to all the money in the register but before they knew it he had run off with all of the store's money.
 Erina had noticed a poster with the robber's face on it which was hidden away. She showed the poster to the manager but by then it was too late to do anything about the robbery. But was it too late to do anything about the robbery? With Erina's though discovered she had another power which was going back in time, she sent herself back shortly before the robber arrived at the store.

 Knowing about the poster when the robber entered the store and tried to run his scam Erina pulled that poster out with his picture on it. The serial robber fled the store but only to be arrested by the police. However once again Sayumi took credit for Erina's actions, she said it was her who told her about the poster and the store manager gave her the credit for stopping the robbery.
 Erina knows nothing about the human personality so she couldn't understand why Sayumi would do such a thing, by show's end she still couldn't but that's part of her learning process. Sayumi did help Erina out when the store microwave went down as she tried to heat up all of the customer's bentos. But her power was too strong and she ended up burning them all which led the customers to leave the store fuming and vowing not to return.

 For some reason Sayumi took the blame for all of the bentos being burned, this too Erina couldn't understand and neither could we. One other thing that took place in the show was that Erina made another surprise visit to the S/Mileage radio show, don't know if the two members from that group will be in every episode but hope so as that segment has been the best from the first two shows.
 The episode ended shortly after that, these shows are only about 25 minutes long which means you can only cram so much into one episode. So far, so good as far as the show goes, granted not a must watch at this point but once again a Hello Project drama is quite enjoyable. And as I mentioned the highlight of both shows has been when Erina has appeared on the S/Mileage radio show. Next episode is titled "Tokyo Sightseeing" and appears to be the best one yet, will be back soon with that recap. As usual for my drama reviews will be ending off with many screenshots.

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