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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nogizaka46: The Nogi '(un)Masters of Bowling Tournament' #1

 Little bit late posting on this as it was aired on February 20th as part of the group's 4th anniversary TV special which aired for 46 hours. That's just way too long for me but luckily a few taped the streamed show and have made some of the segments available. This one lasted for 106 minutes as there were four bowling matches, though with their skills not sure if it should be called bowling.
 Did take a mega amount of screenshots and as you all know that's nothing new for me. This post will have two of the matches, following post has the other two including the exciting title match. Each team had six members for a total of 36 bowlers, had to look through the screenshots after viewing the show and Miona was the only one who didn't take part, she wasn't even a host for it.

 As mentioned there were six teams, in the first round it was Team Nishino versus Team Ikuta. Before I go on want to mention one thing which is truly how bad they are at bowling, as a matter of most of the members are so inept at most athletics except for softball and baseball. It was an okay watch but would have been so much more enjoyable if they were better bowlers, it's hard to believe how many gutter balls were thrown.
 Some of the bowlers weren't too bad but none of them were a part of the first match. The rules were they bowled six frames on a rotating basis, in the last frame a pin was worth a certain amount of bonus pins if you could knock it down. Actually said no one in this first match was too good, Chiharu though did show some talent in this match as she was able to knock down the red pin in the final frame leading Team Ikuta to victory, 34-31!
 Yes, that was the final score for six frames of bowling and that included bonus pins. However in one frame they did have to bowl blindfolded with the result being four gutter balls. True it did come down to the final frame but all in all just not an exciting match to start off with. Didn't stop me from taking all of these screenshots for you to enjoy their ineptness, after them check out the second match.

 As bad as the first match was and it was bad, it ended up being so much more better than this one. Check this out for a final score.... 24-15 as Team Rina outlasted Team Reika. Once again it was hard to believe that the gals could be such bad bowlers, realize they're not masters but to throw so many gutter balls was kind of hard to believe.

 Sayuri I. for the winning side wasn't too bad of a bowler, she actually did better in the final match. Didn't take nearly as many screenshots for this game as they would have mainly featured gutters. But if you've made it this far match three turned out to be so much better than either one of these games and the finals ended up being the best of them all. Next post has all the details of the other two games, hard to believe who ended up winning it all.

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