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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nogizaka46: Happy 22nd birthday to... Nanase Nishino!

 Didn't realize it until last week but the group's second album is being released on the same day as Nanase's 22 b-day. Sure it was planned that way but wonder why, a double celebration perhaps? Not much time for small talk as the guest of honor is rushing to her small party we're holding for her.

 Er, wait.... that pic is from my daydreaming, wonder why she's so late?

 Oooops, looks like it's my fault and guess I should have ordered from her competitor. Another ooops, forgot to tell you my name is changed to Mery, least to make someone happy....

 (Four hours later the party started) Better late than never as they say and it may have worked out for the better as one of Nanase's buddys(and mine) has joined the festivities.

 That ultimate buddy isn't the only one here helping her celebrate.

 Was going to keep it simple, guess you could say it is though lame may be a better adjective. Wonder if five years ago Nanase and the other popular members could have ever imagined they'd be where they are today? Don't think anyone including their management ever thought that the group would become as huge as they've become, even 2+ years ago would have thought this stage of superstardom was going to happen.
 As far as stars go Nanase is certainly one right now, probably the second most popular member in the group and bet she can't walk down the street or go to the store these days. Won't bore you for too long but couldn't forget one of my faves in the group but actually they're the kind of group where almost all of the members are so likable they're all your faves. The actual b-day doesn't happen until tomorrow but thought there would be a few posts for the new album so decided to do this now though it is May 25th in Japan right now. Just a few better than superb pics for you to enjoy and after them there's a long video with most of her Pizza Hut commercials.

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