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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nogizaka46: A little bit of this and that for 2016 #12- New blog pics and May cards

 Wow.... why is Mai so uptight, she's the one who peeked at me getting out of the shower!!!!

 Good thing someone has my back(and hopefully more), should be seeing more of Nanami as she'll be the host of next week's Girls Locks! radio show plus she'll be the cover gal of BLTgraph #8.

 Obviously you know I'm a huge fan of Nogi and C-ute but wish they weren't dominating the posts like they have been, bet 3/4 of the posts these last two weeks have featured them. There's been slow periods before as far as my faves go but this has to be the slowest one of all. Bet it's been at least two months since there's been any new posts for Yuko, Gakky, Mirei, Tsubasa and a few others that I enjoy posting about. Hope this long stretch of inactivity means we'll be hearing more than ever from them soon, besides missing them would like a bit more variety around here.
 Even on the slowest days of slow days can always find something to post about Nogi, don't they ever sleep? With the new album coming out on May 25th would think unless I take a day off there will be at least one post a day for new happenings and sure that makes most here happy as Nogi posts continue to be among the most popular.
 There really aren't all that many new things but then again there are 35 new pics and a video, there truly is no such thing as a slow day for them. First off are some brand new cards for May featuring Nanase, Erika, Miona, Minami and Nanami.

 Have a few recent blog pics with five for each member. First off is Himeka who until a few days ago hadn't realized she had a sister in BABYMETAL, perhaps that should be a group to introduce here. Following her is Yumi who really has been doing a superb job keeping her blog updated.

 Besides being the cutest member by far Hinako could also be the funniest, think another solo post is overdue for her. Today she did another blog entry written in English though she said tomorrow it'll be back to being written in Japanese. Following her is Manatsu whose blog I don't check out enough but did notice she's another one who does a good job updating it.

 Six members of the group have new individual promo videos for AirWeave. Will try to post all of them, had one yesterday and for today we have Marika's video as she comes close to smiling in it.

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