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Monday, May 2, 2016

Mayu Matsuoka: "Sono 'Okodawari,' Ore ni mo Kure Yo!!" drama episode one recap and screenshots

 Earlier today a viewer asked if I've seen Mayu's "Mondai no Aru Restaurant" drama, have to admit that's one I haven't. Have heard she does a good job in the series but I'm not a fan of the lead actress which is why it hasn't been viewed and may never because of that. However one of her other 2015 dramas "Genkai Shuraku Kabushiki Kaisha" is my fave of Mayu's to date. She had the lead in it and in a bit of a weak year for dramas that might have that my #1 show for the year, only complaint was that it was only five episodes but they were hour shows.

 Not sure how to describe this show, it's not an ordinary drama but more of a 'mockumentaty'. In it Mayu stars as herself along with a partner Sairi Ito, don't know much about her but will be finding out more about her as she's appeared in quite a few dramas and films over the last few years, she'll be turning 22 this Wednesday.
 Basic premise for this show is Mayu and Sairi following normal people around to learn about what makes them tick. And really what makes us all tick is out obsessions, quirks and irregular things that we do in life. Know I have mine and would think just about everyone in the world has those odd things about them. This series is based upon a recent manga, haven't read it but looks like it would make for a better manga than TV show which has been interesting yet so-so after two episodes.

 As you can see from these first few screenshots the pair tries to find out what normal people's obsessions are, wonder how many have an obsession for Mayu? This first show featured 'Potato Salad Man' who wished to remain unknown, it was mainly a spoof of a show and wonder if all will be like that.
 You can tell his obsession by his name as Mayu and Sairi visit his house to watch his make.... you guessed it, potato salad. The duo helps him out in making many dishes of it and PSM does appear to be an expert at it as he knows every kind of potato salad to make. At the end he's also joined by the rest of his potato salad clan, seemed closer to a lame comedy than a 'mockumentary'.

 Mayu and Sairi have a few uncomfortable moments between themselves as I think it's their first time working together but really don't think their disagreements were totally serious. We also learn that Mayu is a big Morning Musume fan who will be appearing in a future episode. This is honestly a tough show to review, episode two was a bit easier but this first one was fairly wacky and perhaps a bit disjointed.
 Maybe that's the way it was supposed to be or perhaps they're just getting their feet wet, have a feeling this series could get much better as it goes on. So far have viewed the first two shows and have another mini recap after this one for the second show, here's plenty more of screenshots from this episode. May be easier to view them to see what happened, perhaps I could have understood it better with a few(many) bottles of lager.

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