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Monday, May 30, 2016

Erina Mano: "Hanbun Esper" drama episode one recap and screenshots

 Kind of an old drama but shows these days are just so bad, have only watched two series this year and that's from someone who averages at least 25 a year and at one time that number was close to 40. Haven't seen too many of these H!P dramas but the ones I've seen are so fun and enjoyable, think this is also going to be a show like that. Said it's old as it aired in 2010, as you can see the start date for it was on January 15th.
 The show ran for ten episodes, unsure if I'll post about all the episodes but just may if they're good, first episode was solid but think they'll get better with each episode. Erina is the star of the show, each episode will feature a few H!P members and this first show had three of them. The shows are usually around 27 minutes long but this first one was 38 minutes and that was probably to introduce us to the characters and what the show will be about.

 All the characters go by their real names so Erina keeps her name which may make it easier for you to follow. They didn't say her age but at the time she was 18, three months shy of her 19th b-day so have to figure that's the age of her character.
 Erina lives at the 'Kokueken' which is the Japanese National Esper Research Institute. The institute takes in young children who have ESP to develop their powers, once they can control their powers they're released back into society but are still working for the institute.
 Erina has lived there her whole live and has never seen the outside world which is her #1 goal in life. However she can't control her ESP powers, when she tries to bend a spoon she usually ends up bending and destroying glasses among other things. So because of that her trainer/secretary Ai won't let her leave the institute and nor will the main chief though he is leaning towards releasing Erina to the outside world.

 However one day with the chief there Erina discovers another power she has with is teleportation, she didn't know she had it but during the meeting with the chief she transported herself tot he outside world. Erina was totally clueless about everything in the real world, think that's the main plot for most of the episodes.
 Every show will have her doing something different such as getting a job, sightseeing and even saving the world. In this episode Erina visited two members of S/Mileage(a H!P group) on their radio show who had no idea who she was or why she was there. The members read a few questions from their listeners and Erina gave some truly wacky answers, have to remember she's never been in the real world.
 The producers of the show liked her though and asked her to be a judge in some auditions for some new talent. The auditions dealt with people trying to make coat hangers funny which may not be possible, Erina gave a thumbs down to all of them and even one to someone who sang one her songs.

 Trying not to make this too long nor to give away every detail. Shortly after that Erina is caught by the chief and her secretary, she tries to transport away but sends herself to the same place. The chief has taken a liking to Erina so he agrees to let her remain in the real world even though she still hasn't mastered her powers. She's given an apartment as the show ends shortly after that, preview for the next episode has Erina getting a job which looks to be fairly hilarious.
 Even though I've been an Erina fan for many years didn't discover this show until a month or so ago, really been trying to watch more H!P shows and films. Have seen many of them this year and so far every one has been such an enjoyable watch, few of them have even been horror flicks. Won't recommend this yet as I've only seen one episode but thought it had a promising start and think it'll get much better as it goes on.
 Each episode appears to be a stand alone show which will help the recaps as I won't have to worry about the order too much, such as posting about episodes 2-5 in order to make it easy to follow. At 26+ minutes a show will be trying to do an episode or two a week, what I also need to do is find a few other H!P shows to view, "Suugaku Joshi Gakuen" from 2012 is one of my fave and guilty pleasure shows. Have a mega amount of screenshots as Erina looks so darned kawaii in this show plus it should help you follow a bit better what happened in this episode,

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