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Friday, September 16, 2016

Korean drama "Bring it on Ghost" episode six recap and screenshots

 This series also goes by the name of "Let's Fight Ghost", if you look this show up either way you'll get the same results.

 Start Date: July 11, 2016.... airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 11:00 pm pm tvN
Rating: 3.4%

Main Cast:

Taec Yeon as Park Bong-Pal
Kim So-Hyun as Kim Hyun-Ji
Kwon Yool as Joo Hye-Sung
Kim Sang-Ho as Monk Myung
Lee Do-Yeon as Oh Kyung-Ja
Kang Ki-Young as Choi Chun-Sang
David Lee as Kim In-Ranger 
Baek Seo-E as Im Seo-yeon

 Been saying all along this is an enjoyable series which it is but keep hoping the pace would pick up a bit, seems to be going down a bit. Not that a slower show is bad but too many episodes that are slow kind of make me nod but from what I've heard this drama does pick it up quite a bit after this show.
 It's not boring but some of the things that made the show interesting in the beginning have been phased out a bit such as the hunt for ghosts and then killing them. Don't take any of these criticisms the wrong way as this was actually a fairly good episode, nice rebound from the previous few shows. I mainly wish the plot would develop a bit quicker along with having some questions answered.

 This episode opens up on June 4th which is the anniversary for the death of Park's mother. Park attended a small memorial for her along with the monk, we still need to know what connection Park has with him. That small opening scene was it for the anniversary as it was never mentioned again.
 Meanwhile Kim is having a hard time with her feeling towards Park, we've known for a while she's been in love with him and now she's realizing it. Have to remember Kim still is just 17 as she had died five years ago so from what we know she never had any kind of love interest before her death. Park does care about her but seems like he's starting to care about Seo-Yeon so much more now that they've gotten to know each other better.
 Plus both have joined the Ghostnet club which now goes by the name of 'Sundae Soup'. To celebrate the club reforming Choi and Kim have scheduled a trip for the four person club, make that five as Kim the ghost also tags along unknown to everyone but Park. Yes there are two Kim's in the show but rarely talk about the one in the Sundae Soup club.
 Most of the episode takes place at a cottage where the four are spending two days, actually from about the ten minute mark until the end. At the cottage the foursome do what most people on vacation do which is to have a barbecue and go swimming. Choi also keeps trying to get Park and Seo-Yeon closer as he sends them to the store and tries various other tricks to get the pair alone.

 Think most viewers including me are starting to feel a bit sorry for Kim during this episode. She's fallen for Park and at times it looks like he also may have fallen for her. However now that he's getting closer to Seo-Yeon Kim is starting to get pushed aside as he's spending so much time with her. Also on this trip there's three others besides Park so Kim can never spend any time alone with him. There was a scene near the end where the foursome were drinking and playing some games, Kim wanted to join in so bad but couldn't and she retreated to a corner of the living room. She just looked so down it's really hard not to feel for her.
 Prior to that scene there was a brief one where the Sundae Soup club Kim was going up the stairs and fell. He hit his head on the wall and his vision was quite hazy after that but what he saw in that hazy vision was something that may play a part in the story. He saw the ghost Kim as she went to see if he was okay, he was and when he came to his senses he could no longer see her. That happened once again when he as drinking, no one realizes that he's seeing a ghost and that'll be something that will need to be explained.
 For the most part the last fifty minutes were spent at the cottage with the foursome drinking, playing and eating with Kim the ghost looking on as she's a bit of an outcast. Perhaps not an outcast but there's no way she can join in on the activities, think this may continue on in the next episode.

 As far as the ghost hunting goes there was zero this show but unknown to the group at the time their outing was held at a haunted lake. We didn't see any ghosts until the last few minutes, the one we saw at the end was one who could live underwater. Don't know anything about this female ghost yet but she lives in the haunted lake, no one knew about her until she dragged Seo-Yeon into the lake. She was fighting for her life and Kim who was nearby was no help for some reason.
 Luckily Park happened to stumble upon the scene, he dove into the lake and was able to rescue her but the ghost was able to flee. Park was furious with Kim, he believes her jealousy made her push Seo-Yeon into the lake which was obviously not true but then again she didn't try to save her. This is the first major spat the pair have had as Park storms off to get some medicine for Seo-Yeon. On his way back he passed by Kim who was sitting on a dock so he didn't see what was about to happen.
 At the conclusion of the show, finally a cliffhanger, Kim was dragged into the lake by the female ghost. She struggled for a while but to no avail as the other ghost was much stronger and at the show's conclusion we see Kim sinking slowly to her death.

 Perhaps Kim didn't try to save Seo-Yeon because she can't swim or is scared of water, we'll learn the reason in the next show which will be part two of this 'two-parter'. Granted all sixteen episodes blend into each other but this seems like a 'two-parter' to me. One other thing which I've been mentioning is what is Professor Joo up to, we don't see enough of him but keep thinking we will.
 One of his students has been found dead deep in the woods, her death was courtesy of Joo but now the police are suspicious of him and think he may have had a hand in the murder. He also invaded Park's apartment while he was on the trip, it appears he didn't take anything but was checking out some unknown details about Park's life. When he left the apartment he passed by the monk, the pair knew each other from some past event which is another mystery in this show.
 Like I mentioned above this was a nice rebound from the previous few shows and it has set things up well for the seventh episode. So far would recommend viewing this series, not a strong one yet but if the intensity picks up a bit then this will really become a highly recommended drama. Unsure when the next recaps will be, hopefully next week but first I need to watch the last five episodes of the "W" drama and will also have recaps for those shows coming up soon.

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