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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'Nogizaka Singles Series' #3- "Hashire! Bicycle"

 When you're younger four years can certainly make a huge difference in your looks.

 Noticed between the second and third singles the group appeared at the Tokyo premiere of the 2012 'Spiderman' film which took place in June. Besides the singles am also trying to fill in some of the missing things from 2012-13 so will be working on a post for that event.

 'Hashire! Bicycle" was single #3 for the group and it was their second number one single. Sales for their singles were slowly going up, first one sold 136.000 copies in it's first week, single #2 sold 155,000 copies while this one sold 186.000. Total sales for 2012 were 245,000 copies sold and it was the 26th best selling single of the year. Release date for the song was August 22nd so 26th isn't a bad ranking considering how late in the year it came out.
 Really like this single quite a bit compared to their first two and think the next five singles just get better and better. The front row for the first three singles featured the same members which was Rina flanked by Erika and Rena. Rena would only be around until 2014 as she graduated in June of that year to attend Waseda University. Besides the front row the Senbatsu members were exactly the same ones as the previous single. There were four versions of the single and here are their covers.

 Keep thinking there's never enough pics or info for these 'singles series' posts, if anything though there's too many as once again there will be a slew of info along with about 70 pics and a video. These days there's plenty of cards released for their singles but years ago there weren't nearly as many but do have a fair amount of them this time around compared to the first two posts, there's also two regular promo pics after the cards.

 Magazine spreads are also another thing from 2012 which is in short supply here though have been adding a few in for these posts. After this series is finished will go back and post the remaining missed ones from 2012 and early 2013. Two sets here as Mai had the cover of the September issue of Samurai Elo, that spread has five pics. The other spread also has five pics as Mai is joined by Nanami and Rina in Young Jump #40.

 There were a few tie-ins with this single but just going to post about one product, last post had many pics for 'HTB/ar'. On July 20th the group attended a promo event for 'Megashaki' which is an energy drink. The group sang the new single and were also promoting some CM's they did for the company.

 Here's some promo pics from the 'Megashaki' site.

 Once again.... whew(!), finally made it to the end as these posts are quite long. One thing I like about C-ute's videos are that many of them are subbed plus all of the PV's are on YT. That's not the case with Nogi songs as very few are subbed plus many PV's aren't there, you wonder why as having the PV for this song on YT now wouldn't hurt the sales as it's over four years since it was released. Here's a live version instead of the song which works out better as this song is one of the better ones they do in concert.

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