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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Nogizaka46: 4th Birthday concert cards

 It's been too long since a Nogi concert has been streamed, last one I recall was in February. They've probably performed 25 or so concerts this year and so far zero have been released on DVD, if you're a resident of Japan you can see them live but for us fans on the other side of the world that's sadly not an option. Quite a few J-Pop groups have performed in the U.S. but so far Nogi hasn't made that overseas trip yet. As a matter of fact they rarely perform outside of Japan, AKB, SKE, C-ute and many others do shows in China and Taiwan, wonder if Nogi isn't that popular in other countries?
 One place the group is immensely popular at is here as their posts continue to get a huge amount of views and by the comments made quite a few new Nogi fans are coming here so thanks for stopping by. If you're a fan of Nogi cards then you're really going to enjoy these which are from the group's fourth year birthday live concerts which took place August 28th to the 30th. Working on another card post and may have that ready for tonight, guess you'll know soon enough if it happened. Let's get right to them as there's so many, first batch has the members Miona, Misa, Mai and Nanami. Haven't finished that first 'Nogi Top Ten Fave Member' list but these four all made the top six.

 Second batch of four members feature Minami, Asuka, Ranze and Sayuri I.

 Nice to see a few Undergirls included, here we have Marika, Erika, Nanase and Himeka.

 Final two members for now are Yumi and Reika, will have more coming up as I had mentioned above am working on another card post.

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