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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nogizaka46: Nao's "Nogizaka Top Ten Fave Members List" - #2 ?

 Once again will skip the suspense as we'll get right to who finished #2 on my first top ten list, sure by now most of you probably know who it is. Still undecided whether there will be a post for number one, you'll know if there is one as I'd do it by next Friday as I wanted to get this list finished by the end of the month.

 Not sure if her reaction is for me but one can dream. Of the people who made comments on who who would end up on their top ten think Kazumi's name appeared the most and there are plenty of good reasons for that. She's not the most beautiful member nor is she the most alluring member but there is something about her which is kind of hard to explain as it's not just her looks which make her so appealing.
 Kazumi does act kind of tomboy-ish or at least she has on so many of their variety shows and in the 'Bemars' drama. While not the tops in any physical category Kazumi isn't that far down the lists, to me she's kind of dazzling in her own way. Perhaps there are better pics in the world but so far to me this is the #2 Nogi pic of the year, something about it which makes keeps making me lose sleep....

 That's from her first PB, will have a few more pics from it coming up. There aren't as many Kazumi pics out there as she deserves so tried to hold back a few recent ones for this post as I've known for months she would be second on my top ten list. First off are few group cards for July.

 Posted some scans from the October issue of Bomb with her photobook rival....

.... but Kazumi also had her own solo spread in that issue which hadn't been posted until now.

 That above set is certainly one superb set of pics and they were promoting her PB. Kazumi usually keeps her blog updated but like so many members has been slacking off a bit this month as she's only uploaded four pics.

 "Koi Kamoshirenai" is the title of Kazumi's first photobook and she's the sixth member to have one. Sadly it had the lowest first week sales of any of them as it sold 11,800 in it's first week.

 Wouldn't say she screwed up at all as the PB has some truly fabulous pics, it actually could be the second best one of all the members to date. Perhaps fans thought there were too many pics like this...

 That's from the 'Bemars' drama and to me Kazumi's character Kote was easily the best one in the show, still wondering why there wasn't a second season. On to some more of those fabulous PB pics and if you don't want to lose sleep tonight then would recommend not viewing them, wow!!!!

 Haven't had her included in a 'pairs post' yet as Kazumi's pics seem to be with so many other members. others tend to be paired up with certain members so often.

 Will bring this to a conclusion, there are just so many Nogi posts here there's been very few things I haven't said about the members and especially to a huge fave like Kazumi. To me Kazumi easily has the best personality in the group and seems like such a fun and interesting gal to be with. Plus I think her looks are so far underrated, to me there's really zero wrong with them or her overall.
 For some reason more of my faves have been born in February than any other month, Kazumi's b-day is the 8th which is also the day of perhaps my #1 current Idol. Nogi is kind of a short group as though Kazumi seems to be taller than most members she's only 161 cm which is just shy of being 5' 3", her legs give the impression of her being tall. Nothing more to add so here's some ultra scintillating pics for you to savor.
 Below them is a segment from 'NOGIBINGO' where she and Nanami play a round of 'Liar Shogo'. It's not subbed but I do have a version that is as Nanami leaves Kazumi in tears with a question about the way she talks.

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