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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 Magazine scans #56

 Er, sure I can squeeze in somewhere.... hmmmm, seems as though they're going to make squeezing in a challenge, gulp....

 Nothing new besides these spreads to tell you about, still no news has come out about their 16th single which will be released on November 9th. No shows coming up except for their appearance at the next 'Girls Awards' show which I think tales place on October 6th.
 Not many spreads but there are a huge amount of pics though. First off is this fine set of pics from the October issue of EX-Taishu with Marika, she came so close to making my top ten list but missed by a spot or two and will have the #2 position hopefully coming up tomorrow.

 Also from that same issue is the pair of Minami and Misa who we've never seen together before.

 Few more pics from EX-Taishu which feature the Undergirls Rena and Sayuri plus a few pages of many other Undergirls.

 Have two huge sets of pics from volume 11 of BLT Graph, first set features Hina who we've seen in at least three solo spreads the last two months.

 Manatsu has the other spread from BLT Graph.

 Have to admit I forgot all about Asuka's b-day as she turned 18 on August 10th, now all the Senbatsu members are at least that age with the majority being 22+. This final set is from Weekly Shonen Magazine #42, now that "Hadashi de Summer" is about to become the group's biggest selling single wonder if Asuka will retain the center position?

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