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Monday, September 5, 2016

Kim Ah-Joong: "Wanted" drama episodes three and four screenshots

 Air Dates: June 22 to August 18, 2016 on SBS, shows aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Episode ratings: 6.7% and 7.6%

Main Cast:

Kim Ah-Joong as Jung Hye-In, the heroine, recently retired actress whose son was kidnapped
Ji Hyun-Woo as Cha Seung-In, detective investigating another kidnapping
Uhm Tae-Wong as Shin Dong-Wook, recently fired producer hired for Jung's reality show
Park Hae-Joon as Song Jung-Ho, Jung's sleazy husband and owner of the UCN network
Lee Moon-Sik as Choi Joon-Goo, producer at the UCN network
Jun Hyo-Seong as Park Bo-Yeon, one of the four staff people on the "Wanted" show
Park Hyo-Joo as Yeon-Woo-Shin, one of the four staff people, also had worked with Shin
Shin Jae-Ha as Lee Young-Gwan, young assistant to Cha
Kim Byung-Ok as Jung Jung-Ki, supervisor of Cha and Lee
Park Min-Soo as Song Hyun-Woo, Jung's kidnapped son

 Hope the few readers who have read the first two recaps weren't expecting one for each episode as I won't be doing that. One reason I tend not to finish the reviews for Korean dramas is because there's so many episodes and that the shows are an hour long. Kind of a daunting task, least to me, which prevents me from reviewing an entire series the majority of the time.
 However thought of a way to get around it a bit and that's to give a very brief recap of two episodes but at least have plenty of screenshots. So that's what this post will be then thought will give a much more lengthy recap for episodes five and six, then seven and eight the same kind of post as this one and will continue that way until the end of a series. Least I thought something like this is worth a try if it helps me finish reviewing a series and if it works out well then will do it for other dramas.

 Will give a brief overview though of these two episodes. Hye-In is or was a very popular actress, was because she just announced her retirement in the first episode. That drew the ire from someone who didn't want her to do that, what also happened in that first show was that her seven year old son was kidnapped. The kidnapper got in touch with Hye-In with some demands if she wanted her son returned safely. What she had to do was start a reality show, "Wanted", it has to air for ten episodes and have at least a 20% rating for each show. On the shows the kidnapper will give her a 'mission' to do, one that she has to succeed at.
 Her first mission going into this third episode was to find a car, a picture of it had been sent to her. Thanks to the show's staff the car was located and as they opened the trunk on live TV there was a young boy there. It wasn't Hye-In's son but instead the son of a prominent prosecutor whose secret came out on the show. He had been abusing his wife and son and now the whole country learned of his abuses as he was quickly arrested.
 That arrest didn't last long as he was well known, may have been better if he had stayed in jail as in the fourth episode he was murdered, so far that killing has gone unsolved. So for the first show Hye-In met all of the kidnapper's demands as she found the car, exposed the prosecutor and the show was able to obtain a rating of 20.3%.
 On to the fourth episode and the second airing of the "Wanted" show took place. Hye-In's mission this time was to find out details about the respected doctor Ha Dong-Min who also happened to be her son's doctor. The message Hye-In received from the kidnapper said the doctor was a killer, it was up to her to find out whether he was or not.

 Hye-In, thanks to the show's staff again, was able to prove that the doctor was a killer. She invited him to the live show and surprisingly he showed up for it. On the show it was revealed that he had once killed a patient as an intern but was able to beat the charge in court.
 But Ha has been trying to cure young cancer patients the last few years for free, not really free as he's been secretly using them and so far six have died from his treatments. Ha had tried to blackmail a nurse who knew his secrets, also he had hired a hit man to kill her which failed and all of the devious happenings of his were exposed on live TV.
 Ha was arrested as the show was airing but it appears he wasn't as bad as he was made out to be. The nurse Kim was really the one who did the blackmailing which the staff learned of after the second show had ended. Also Ha knows a possibly dangerous secret about Hye-In, now that he's arrested will he spill what he knows about her? That brought us to the end of episode four and the end of the reality show's second airing.

 Perhaps a few tweaks are needed but for the most part think this mini recap with plenty of screenshots worked out well. Much nicer spending a half hour on this kind of post versus the two hours it would have taken writing two long recaps. Naturally did leave out some details, would think some of them you'll be learning in the next two recaps which will be much longer. Plus you can view most of what happened in these screenshots, did take quite a few for these two shows.
 One thing I need to work on are some posts for Hyo-Seong who plays Park in this series. She's one breathtaking looker and is a member of the K-Pop group Secret. As far as other dramas go am waiting for "W" to finish, it has three episodes left and then will have plenty of posts for that excellent drama. Also "Bring It On Ghost" just finished it's run last week, have reviewed the first four episodes so I'm leaning towards doing some recaps for that series next.
 And will just end up saying it's been a bit of an up and down series, third episode was so-so at best. The fourth episode was the opposite of that show as it was a superb watch and ended on an interesting cliffhanger so I'm looking forward to the next few shows.

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