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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Maimi Yajima: "Hitori no Kisetsu" photobook tidbits and more....

 Will be posting the entire PB soon, as expected is too breathtaking to describe. What I had planned on doing was posting the video for the making of this book, that video may be better than the actual PB. However it's not on YT or perhaps it was but got taken down. Do have some screenshots from it here as it appears Maimi's application to become a goddess was approved.
 Do have a few pics from the book to whet your appetite once again, hopefully the cold water in shower is working as you'll need it. Following those pics are the screenshots from the 'making of' video. But there is a video for you to enjoy and it's a brand new one too. On September 28th Maimi will be releasing a new DVD, her 11th solo one, it's titled "My Season" and the video is a promo for the DVD. Top pic is the cover for it and have you ever noticed how so many of her things have 'MY' in the title?


  1. Luckily we're not the jealous types so will make sure Maimi and myself invite you over for dinner one night though for obvious reasons you may have to leave early!

  2. sorry to say, nao, but supreme absolute fate has already decided that I marry and impregnate Maimi in any world/form/medium, be it this one or any other parallel universe

    Maimi Le Yajima and I, Hung Le Yajima, will send you and Shinichi Akiyama/Matsuda Shota(what a cute couple the two of you make) a new year's card some time next year

  3. Hmmmm, don't know about Akiyama but to me Kanzaki would be an acceptable consolation prize.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'm the one who gonna marry maimi yajima..because she is my soul mate..lbetter u fu<k your mom doudou!!!!

  6. Maimi yajima ,I and yong si yajima ll be happy as a family n we ll send a condolence card for you doudou.. Btw I don't really like read your message doudou!!!how bout u ?