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Monday, September 19, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'Nogizaka Singles Series' #2- "Oide Shampoo"

 Did the first of these posts Saturday for the group's debut single 'Guruguru Curtain". Kind of funny as they appeared on last night's 'Music Station' show as that long running show is celebrating their 30th anniversary, on the show they performed the tune so wonder if they read the post?

 On to their second single and thought I'd have a tough time getting enough pics, that wasn't the case as there may be too many things for this post. Single #16 is coming out in November 9th which is 51 days away. Would like to finish this series up just before that date, there's thirteen more singles after this to post about which means there should be one of these posts every four days.
 Personally the first two singles to me were okay but really don't think the group hit their stride until the third single. This was their first chart topper, the streak has continued since then as they've had 14 straight number one singles. Sales weren't that much better than the first single which sold 136,000 copies in it's first week, this song sold 155,000+ in it's first week. Total sales to date have been about 225,000, these days they sell three times that in a single's first week out. Four versions of the single were released, here are the covers along with some pics that came with the single. Almost neglected to tell you about the release date which was May 2, 2012.

 Same lineup as the first single as Rina was the center, to her sides were Erika and the departed Rena. Lot of members who are now a fixture as Senbatsu members were Undergirls for the first two singles such as Mai F. and Misa.

 The PV was a bit controversial as the gals lifted their long skirts a few times, some stations even banned the video. More promo pics plus some shots of them doing that dirty deed.

 Will also be using these posts to fill in the gaps on some of the group's older things. I really didn't start following them until mid 2013 so there's very little here prior to that so will add a few of those older things into these posts or at least for their first five singles. Not as many cards were released back in 2012 but have a few from April along with some for the single.

 Had forgotten that the group did visit the States once, that was back in April 2012. So many J-Pop groups do come over here it's surprising they haven't returned seeing as how they're so popular. Mag spreads from 2012 are also something that's lacking here, here's a spread from Friday for the group's trip to NYC.

 Another spread from their NYC visit, this set is from a special Flash issue that came out in May called 'Best Shot'.

 Whew, this is actually turning out to be one of biggest posts ever. There was a tie in with HTC/au for the single, the group did a few CM's for the company promoting a smartphone and naturally the song was featured in the CM. On April 20th the group appeared at a promo event for the CM's where they also performed the song.

 Of course the group also appeared on too many music shows to count performing "Oide Shampoo". One show was 'Music Japan' and their appearance took place on May 6th. Also on the show was SKE as the groups had a battle of vocabulary!

 Finally made it to the end, will try to have a live video for the singles which is what we have for this one which I'm fairly positive is from one of their 2015 X-Mas concerts. Have watched so many of their shows starting to forget which is which..

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