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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nogizaka46: Nao's "Nogizaka Top Ten Fave Members List" - #3 ?

 No suspense this time around as #3 will be the first pics here, tomorrow I'll do a regular post for the event. On September 15th six Nogi members attended a special screening for the third "Ushijima the Loan Shark" film which Mai is starring in. Kind of odd then that she wasn't at the screening, actually not sure why these members were there but good to see the group on an activity after a few weeks break. Thought perhaps they had contributed a song for the film but that wasn't the case, would have been a good idea if it did happen though.

 Here's an event I had held back for this post as Misa, yes she's #3, was at a different kind of event on August 25th. She was at the Japan School of Commerce helping to promote some business books and apps for the university, how many Idols have you ever seen do that? Misa appears to be a bright woman as she did study bookkeeping in school and if she didn't become an Idol she said a career in accounting was what her future would have held.

 A future in accounting(?), well Misa does appear to have a thing for figures! Ooooh, I can hear the groans already and I don't blame you.

 One other new thing are some blog pics from the last ten days.

 Positions three and four were the only changes I made to that original top ten list, actually wouldn't have minded seeing either one a tad higher.

 Misa may be in the third spot but she's not as far away from #1 as you may think, a warning to that member in the top spot which is that she better not be complacent.

 Will try not to spend too much time on this post as it looks like time is one thing I don't have enough of, who would would ever want to keep Misa waiting?

 From the new photobook, could this be the #1 Nogi pic of the year? Misa had two photobooks before she joined Nogi but think(know) she deserves another one or actually many more than one. There is one position Misa is #1 at and that's easily being the most seductive member in the group.

 Besides those seductive looks it appears we have something else in common....

 Have mentioned it a few times recently but once again will say it, why do so many Idols brush their teeth in their mag spreads?

 This is starting to get much longer than planned, did mention that time is something there isn't a lot of right now as Misa has....

 How can someone who is so close to perfect need to visit a beauty parlor? Unless she wants to make all of the women there jealous as if most of the universe doesn't feel jealous of her already.

 Don't know what others think but couldn't she be Erika Toda's twin in that bottom pic?

 Not sure what more to say about Misa that hasn't been said by me already. Did mention that she's not that far from being #1, to be honest to me she would make the best spouse of any member. Bet a lot of people think that a stunning Idol couldn't be intelligent or interesting but Misa proves everyone who has those thoughts wrong.
 Misa is very smart as I said above she would have been an accountant if being an Idol didn't work out. Plus she's a very good cook as she's proved on some 'NOGIBINGO' shows and she just seems more mature and together than any other member. Hope she's reading this post but doubt if anything I've said has swayed her to flee Nogi and catch a plane to my local airstrip. Will try to do a few more solo posts for Misa in the future but for the most part there's nothing left about her to post about as she easily has a few thousand pics here already. Speaking of pics let's end off with a few breathtaking ones and following them is a jaw-dropping video.

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