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Friday, September 9, 2016

Nogizaka46: Nao's "Nogizaka Top Ten Fave Members List" - #4 ?

 Getting to the bitter end(?) of this list as there's three more to go. After making that top ten list did do one switch in positions which were between three and four which involved this pair....

 Oh no, hope that one position drop hasn't made Hinako resort to drastic measures!!!!

 Well, to me being #4 out of 35 members is an impressive achievement.

 Coming into this one there's been a total of 628 Nogi posts, wow! Probably average 40+ pics per post which means....

.... there's an awful lot of Nogi pics here! What that also means is that when it come time for these kinds of posts it's hard to find new pics though do have a few for each of the posts. No doubt you've surmised that Hinako is my #4 selection in this top ten list, actually for those who commented on your fave members didn't notice her name once. Hope that didn't draw the ire of Hinako too much, least we know she may have a future in horror flicks.

 However don't think she'll have much of a future in any upcoming World Poker Championships, gulp gulp gulp gulp....

 Long time viewers may remember how many times I've referred to Hinako as being the most kawaii gal in the world, she still is but she's truly getting so seductive as of late.

 Think of all the members Hinako seems to be in more pics with other members, kind of surprised she hasn't had a 'pairs post' yet but will soon be having one. With Nanase in the first one but the other two are with Himeka, think that pair has appeared in more pics together than any other members.

 Sadly I wasn't Hinako's choice as she seems to have her heart set on one person, then again don't most people feel that way about Mai! From this year's 'Under Construction' Valentines show.

 Think what brought up the idea of having a 'Nogi Wedding' post was this pic, whew....

 Did hold back a few recent Hinako pics such as one for the current single and some recent cards, bottom ones aren't exactly new but hadn't posted them before.

 Going to wrap this up as there's not much more to say about Hinako that I haven't said over the last year. To me she's easily the most fun, energetic and humorous member in the group, besides that she's really one attractive woman who getting more so with each passing second. Few more pics for all of you to enjoy. After the pics check out a short clip from 'NOGIBINGO' as she shows off her drawing talent or should I say lack of!

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