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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Haru: "ON" drama episode three recap and screenshots

 Air Dates: July 12 to September 6, 2016 Tuesdays at 10:00 pm on Fuji-TV, rating: 7.98%

 This drama also goes by the name "On: Special Agent Hinako Todo"

Main Cast:

Haru as Hinako Todo, rookie detective
Yu Yokoyama as Yasuhisa Shoji, senior detective
Atsuro Watabe as Iwao Atsuta, department's supervisor
Jun Kaname as Keiichiro Kurashima, detective
Kento Hayashi as Tamotsu Nakajima, doctor
Mieko Harada as Taeko Ishigami, medical examiner
Tsutomu Takahashi as Keizo Kataoka, detective
Saku Momose as Ryoshin Shimizu, detective
Ryo Sato as Maki Tsukioka, traffic officer
Shiji Saito as Takeshi Miki, investigator

Guest Star.... Nozomi Sasaki as Tsuya Sato

 Didn't realize it until the very end but this is a two-parter. Won't give away any info for the the second part as I can't due to the fact as I haven't viewed it yet so may not give away all the details of what happened in this episode. There were many unanswered questions so may be easier to leave them for the next post when the answers/mysteries will be revealed. That recap is right below this one as I'm writing this a day before watching the conclusion of this creepy two-parter.
 Haru's character Hinako is certainly one strange woman. She looks so nice and cute on the outside but her insides are the complete opposite as she truly relishes gruesome crimes. One person who has noticed her behavior is Dr. Nakajima as the pair has gotten much closer due to him helping the police force out on their last two major cases. He did a private diagnosis on her where he thinks she's a bit cruel and ruthless with little compassion, in other words perhaps the making of a psychopath.

 It appears every case Hinako and her team is assigned is going to be a horrendous one, this case here is the most dreadful one yet. Tokyo is such a crowded city yet the team seems to get cases in the more rural areas of the city if in fact there are areas like that there. The crimes took place in a 'Haunted House' which is what a residence has been nicknamed by the neighbors.
 The 'Haunted House' is a fairly big place but has been abandoned for some years. One day though a young schoolgirl noticed a figure in the window, her mother contacted the police immediately. Didn't matter that they were contacted so soon as there were no chance to save the four murder victims inside the house.
 What was gruesome about the murders is that the murderer cut off certain body parts off of the four female victims, also they drained the blood out of them. This was a cold case for the team as there was zero evidence at the scene, it would take a stroke of luck to get a lead on the case.

 Luckily a stroke of luck happened and it was courtesy of the schoolgirl, Haruka, who saw the figure in the window. The police asked Haruka a few questions with her mother present, during the questioning it came out that the mother, Sawa, may have been stalked by a man in a raincoat. The raincoat is a key bit of evidence as the man Haruka saw in the window also was wearing a raincoat.
 Also at the brief questioning was Sawa's friend Tsuya who owned a small tea shop. Hinako visited the place along with Kurashima, there Hinako gave Tsuya her card to call her if there was any trouble. May not seem like anything important but Tsuya ends up being the key figure in the case.
 Once again no magical way this case was solved, just hard work by the team of detectives. They've discovered that the victims had all lived in apartments owned by an older man named Nagayama. He's not a suspect but his son is, he's a college graduate but for the last few years has been living off of his father and is really not an upstanding citizen. The police brought Nagayama in for questioning but didn't have enough to hold him for too long though he's still their #1 suspect.

 Shortly after his release Nagayama rents a car and abducts Sawa and leaves her daughter hurt in their apartment. Not a huge role in this episode for Shoji but sure it will in the next episode. He's known for being too violent towards criminals and when he sees the young Haruka hurt he's ready to explode, Nagayama better head for the hills.
 Shoji has the idea that he's bringing Sawa to the 'Haunted House' to make her his fifth victim so the team rushes to the house. They were correct on where Nagayama would be as he was at the house though not in the condition they expected. They found him in a small room at the house, seems he's not the killer as he was lying there murdered with the same neck wound as all of the other victims.
 Once again the case seems to have grown cold but we as viewers know that it hasn't. Haruka had been brought to the hospital because of her injuries, injuries that weren't done by Nagayama. Tsuya was at the scene and offered to drive Hinako to the hospital. Prior to them leaving they had a cup of tea, big mistake for Hinako as Tsuya had spiked it with a sleeping drug.

 Meanwhile Nakajima has discovered a very, very important clue about the case due to his profiling. He e-mailed Hianko and her team of his discovery, what his deduction was that the murderer wasn't Nagayama but instead the culprit is a woman! Helped the team knowing that but their problem is where to start as they have no females as suspects and are at a dead end.
 Hinako was about to respond to Nakajima's message when the sleeping potion kicked in. The next thing Hinako knew she was tied up on the floor somewhere, we don't even know where she is either. On the same floor is Sawa, she had been taken because she was going to be the fifth victim. Wasn't really a surprise to us but the murderer was then revealed as out of the shadows came Tsuya!
 She's had killed the other females and taken their body parts for a hideous reason, that was to make the perfect woman. Tsuya had a mannequin almost completed with the body parts such as their legs, breasts, etc. Now all she needed was more skin for the back and she was going to use Sawa's skin.

 Tsuya considered herself imperfect which is why she was stealing body parts, blood and skin. Unsure what building a mannequin would do then as that's not making her perfect which is her goal, sure that'll be answered in the next episode. This event happened during the final scene as Hinako's team has not clue that she's been kidnapped and may be the sixth victim. They do have one minor clue as Nakajima told them that Hinako had tried responding to his message but suddenly hung up, perhaps there's a tracker on her phone to lead the team to her.
 Another solid episode for this drama, so far every one has been an interesting watch. As I mentioned hadn't watched the next episode so am clueless on what the outcome will be but am looking forward to it. The recap for that is the following post, sure that show will be another winner.

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