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Friday, September 16, 2016

Korean drama "Bring it on Ghost" episode five recap and screenshots

 This series also goes by the name of "Let's Fight Ghost", if you look this show up either way you'll get the same results.

 Start Date: July 11, 2016.... airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 11:00 pm pm tvN
Rating: 3.5%

Main Cast:

Taec Yeon as Park Bong-Pal
Kim So-Hyun as Kim Hyun-Ji
Kwon Yool as Joo Hye-Sung
Kim Sang-Ho as Monk Myung
Lee Do-Yeon as Oh Kyung-Ja
Kang Ki-Young as Choi Chun-Sang
David Lee as Kim In-Ranger 
Baek Seo-E as Im Seo-yeon

 Watched the first four episodes a day after they were released, there was a total of 16 of them. However stopped at that point and said I would finish the series once it stopped airing. It stopped airing a few weeks ago but had been a bit lax on picking it back up but just started viewing it again and hopefully can zip right through the remaining episodes. What's difficult is that I forgot so much of what happened, luckily it is somewhat of a simple drama which also hopefully means some short recaps as there's still twelve shows to go.
 Briefly, first four shows mainly revolve around Park and Kim. Park is a superb college student who lives by himself, he makes his income by beating up ghosts(!) as for some reason which hasn't been said he's able to see them. One day he somehow met up with Kim who is a 17 year old ghost who was killed five years ago, she would have been 22 had she lived. She's unsure how she died and for the most part can't remember anything about her past though she can get brief glimpses by kissing Park. Kim eventually moves in with Park and helps him in his quest to beat up ghosts, that's mainly a nutshell of what the plot is.

 As mentioned I did forget quite a bit of what happened but this picks up where the fourth episode ended which had Kim getting very drunk for the first time in her life. Like Park says above how can a ghost get drunk but somehow Kim did and she put many veteran drinkers to shame with how much she consumed.
 In one of Park's classes is a senior named Seo-Yeon who is quite a knockout and Kim is jealous of her. The pair have been working on a project for their class, Kim often sits unnoticed in the background stewing. To Kim's dismay it appears the two are going to get even closer as Seo-Yoon joined a ghost hunting college cub Ghostnet. The goofball pair running the club had tried for so long to get Park to join with no success, they're the only ones who know about his special ghost powers.
 Convincing Seo-Yeon to join their club was enough to sway Park as he joined the minute he heard about her being in the club. That happened towards the end of the show so not sure what's going to happen as it didn't appear she has any interest in ghost hunting but it's sure to make Kim even more jealous of the pair.

 Many viewers seemed to like those goofballs in the Ghostnet club, they're okay at times but for the most part they can get a bit tiring. The pair, Choi and Kim, even tried changing their name of the club to 'Sundae Soup' to get Park to join and that flopped miserably for them but least for them he eventually did join. That also created a bit of a team as Choi and Kim try to find 'ghost beating' jobs for Park and they end up taking a cut.
 Not always a good idea taking a break from doing a recap, started this yesterday and stopped after the above paragraph. Now obviously I'm back but you loose that train of thought that was going but on second thought that could be a good thing for you readers.
 Few of the other recaps have brought up Professor Joo, what I had brought up is that we knew so little about him and that continued with this episode. He's an evil character but so far his part hasn't been that huge but have a feeling that'll be changing soon. Joo has his evil sights set on Park, for what reason we don't know why but he has some connection to Park's past and has a picture of his family hidden away at this home.

 Some of the best parts of the first four episodes were the ghost fighting scenes, the one in this show was a bit disappointing. It happened late in the episode, almost at the very end, it also wasn't a long fight scene plus it was so dark it was kind of difficult to see what was happening. In an apartment building there was a constant sound of a child running around and crying, that had been going on for a while yet the apartment was empty.
 Not quite empty as it was possessed by a boy ghost who had been about seven years old when he was murdered. His murderer was his drunken stepfather, shortly after he killed the boy he had a tussle with his wife. In that tussle he ended up going through a glass case, wasn't a case of murder but he was killed by a piece of glass in his neck. The mother didn't go to jail as it was an accident but her life was destroyed and she ended up weeping her days away as she felt guilty not protecting her son.
 That was Park's next case as he and Kim went to the apartment to kill the boy ghost as they didn't know the true story yet. When they get to the building they do find the boy however he wasn't alone as the stepfather was still alive, he was also continuing his abuse of the boy ghost.

 Not much help from Kim in the fight but Park didn't need it as he absolutely pummeled the stepfather. There's some secret from Park's past, perhaps he was abused too(?), but he went a bit overboard on the beating and couldn't stop himself in beating the stepfather up or should I say in killing him. As I said that scene took place very close to the end of the episode so very little happened after that.
 Monk Myung-Chul made an appearance right at the end, we saw quite a bit of him in the first few shows but not these last two. The monk stays with Park often as he's a bit down on his luck, he too has a connection to Park's past but once again there are many secrets we haven't learned yet. Some of those secrets should be coming out soon as we're now at the 1/3 point of this series.

 About the last ten Korean dramas I've viewed have been very serious shows, kind of nice to watch a lighthearted one like this. Haven't read other recaps but this series is supposed to become so much more serious in the second half of it's run, think that'll help as too much lightheartedness can bore me.
 So far so good for this show, no must watch but it's quite enjoyable especially the budding romance between Kim and Park. Think this is a better drama to view instead of reading about, there's a lot of scenes where there isn't much dialogue as our two main characters use so many facial expressions instead of words, especially Kim.
 Like to do two recaps in a row so episode six is right after this one, haven't viewed it yet so have no idea what's going to happen as this show didn't end on a cliffhanger. May take a break again after the next recap as i really want to watch and review the last few episodes of "W" which just ended it's run on Wednesday. There's also a few new shows which are starting up in the next few weeks which I'll be recapping but do plan on posting about all sixteen episodes of this enjoyable drama.

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