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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #61

 Looks like someone is getting a bit impatient waiting for Nao to arrive!!!!

 Sigh, it appears as though it's going to be another sleepless night, hopefully for the right reasons!

 Nanase's second PB was # on the charts it's first week out selling over 11,000 copies. However the Oricon charts only went up to September 25th and the PB came out on the 27th so that figure was just the pre-sales, would imagine sales will top 20,000 in it's regular first week. Kazumi's first PB also did well again as it was second on the charts and has sold about 16,5000 copies. That's a solid number and it should eclipse the 20 K mark either this or the next week. So far think her book easily tops the one from Nanase but her second PB is much better than her first.

 Beginning of September said this may be a slow month as the group really needed a break to recover from their Summer tour plus there's so  many things lined up for the remaining three months. Was correct in that theory for about ten days, now this last 2 1/2 weeks it's getting hard to keep up with things and hope it continues.
 This is about the fifth day in a row for new mag spreads, can't recall that ever happening but once again hope that continues. Quite a few new spreads today and most are fairly big, we'll start off with the youngest member who is Miria and she's been appearing in so many mags lately. this set is from the October issue of UTB.

 Lot of fans feel that Erika could be the center for the 16th single, that'd be okay by me as it's been a while since she's been one but there are quite a few deserving members. Not too many solo spreads from her lately but this is a really fine collection of pics from the October 13th Young Jump.

 Quite a few members in this set of pics from the November issue of BLT.

 Have mentioned a few times that I was planning on doing some sort of 'Wedding' post, going to be difficult topping these jaw-dropping pics. This foursome of Erika, Mai, Nanami and Nanase first did a wedding spread for BLT back in June of 2015, about 99.8% positive that was the date(checked, was off by one month). There were plenty of pics from that photo shoot which didn't make it into the mag, some of the outtakes were featured in a new BLT special pictorial for November titled 'Nogizaka46 Memorial Book'. As a bonus after the pics check out a video of the original photo shoot, it's definitely a must watch.

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