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Monday, November 12, 2018

Juice=Juice: The 'Tomoko Kanazawa post' #8- "Tomorrow" PB/DVD pics....

 Haven't done a Juice=Juice group post for well over a year but have done plenty of them for Tomoko as she already has eight solo posts. Was a bit disappointed when JJ had some new members forced onto them, wasn't their fault in the least but didn't like how younger they became. Can't say Tomoko is too young these days as she turned 23 on July 2nd and had a post for that occasion.
 Still listen to JJ quite often and do watch many of their concert DVD's though all before the new members joined. Juice=Juice released their second album on August 1st which was a fine set of tunes though didn't care for the 'Sexy Sexy" single which has been the group's only one this year but the other two songs were quite good.
 Will try to have a group post soon or at least solo ones for the older gals. Can easily have another one soon for Tomoko as I ave plenty of new cards, blog and concert pics and some other various things. What's missing as always are magazine appearances which has been the case for all JJ members save for one though that won't stop her from having many more posts.

 To me Tomoko is the most likable Idol around these days, had she been in more mags or appeared at promo events solo then could easily see her being my #1 Idol but she's still in my top five. This is Tomoko's first photobook but sadly it's a mini one with just forty pics though she does look so superb in them considering she doesn't do gravure photo shoots. The PB came out on July 2nd which as mentioned was her 23rd birthday, would love to see a regular one for her.
 Tomoko certainly deserves one as two other JJ members have books coming out and she blows them away in the looks department. Also on that July date her second DVD was released which is a video of the making of the photobook, like the DVD so much more. At the top is a short promo for it and it's way too short at thirty minutes. Have all forty pics here from the PB, two are at the top, which are followed by many screenshots from the DVD and what an underrated beauty Tomoko is.