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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Bungaku Shojo drama: Episode three recap

 Air Dates: September 9th to October 28, 2018 on MBS and TBS Sunday nights at 12:50 am
Director: Smith....  Episodes from J-Raw.... subber: miamaw

 Main Cast:

Aoi Morikawa as Kanako Tsukishiro.... 26 year old who is the new editor for Kagaya
Yuu Shirota as Saku Kagaya.... popular writer whose book sales have been rapidly decreasing
Masaki Nakao as Chihiro Mochizuki.... editor in Kanako's office, he has a huge crush on her
Rika Izumi as Mitsuki Ariake.... rival editor from Sekibun Publishing
Masahiko Kawahara as Ko Mishima.... editor in chief of Ryokusen where Kanako works
Yako Koga as Akari Mishima.... Ko's teen daughter and inspiring writer
Taikou Katoona as Maki Nanase.... office worker at Ryokusen
Keito Tsuna as Ryunosuke Kawabata.... office worker at Ryokusen

 At the top is the other half of the promo interview done on August 29th for this drama, shame it's not subbed. Will just have one more video for the show and it'll be from the press conference that took place on the same day, another solid episode so let's get right to the action.

 Kanako still can't stop thinking about what happened the previous night in the hotel suite with Saku. If she did have sex with him shouldn't she have remembered something? Also shouldn't there have been blood as Kanako is a 26 year old virgin, those thoughts don't go away for a while but we viewers know nothing explicit took place.
 The meeting at work which Kanako was late for was with her main boss Mishima who is the editor in chief of Ryokusen Publishing. Saku remains a popular author but his sales have been dwindling badly the past few years, Kanako knows it's because his stories could be so much better. To help sales out Mishima proposed that Kanako set up an autograph session where Saku can sign his books and meet his fans.
 Kanako thought it'd be a good idea but has doubts Saku will agree to it, she heads to his house along with Mochizuki who insisted on coming along. The pair propose the autograph session to Saku who turned them down immediately, he feels he does enough promoting for his books on TV and with magazine interviews. Kanako excused herself to make them all tea while Saku and Mochizuki continue talking. Saku during this meeting and at the party has noticed Mochizuki and the way he acts around Kanako. He asked him if he has any deep feelings for Kanako which Mochizuki denied quickly but Saku is astute enough to know how he feels towards Kanako.

 While in the kitchen Kanako dropped a tea cup in the floor, Saku went in to investigate what happened. Kanako was still edgy about what may have taken place the previous night in the suite, she still thinks the two may have had sex together. Saku repeatedly denied anything took place, he explained everything that happened which was that Kanako had too much to drink and it was her that undressed herself and went to bed, took a while but eventually Kanako is satisfied nothing took place between the two.
 There was a minor scene in the kitchen where the pair almost kissed again, it didn't occur but Mochizuki had walked in when the pair were close to embracing each other. Now he's having thoughts on whether Kanako has feelings for Saku, is it time yet for him to finally confess his love? With Saku unwilling to budge about the autograph session the pair take their leave but about two minutes alter Kanako says she forgot something at his house and rushed back to see Saku.
 She apologized over and over for thinking something took place in the suite and Saku had a nice chuckle about it. He's getting a bit impressed with Kanako's quirkiness and tells her he'll go through with having an autograph session. That pleased her to no end and the event takes place almost immediately but before that Saku is paid a visit. It's from Mitsuki and it's a shame it was her only scene in this episode. Not quite sure what her company's relationship is with Saku as the Ryokusen company publishes his novels, she even turned him down when he asked if she could spend the night.

 It's the day of the session and as you can see above Kanako is starting to have feelings for Saku though she keeps denying it. The prep work for the event were going smoothly until Kanako tried helping out with a banner. She tripped on the stage as she was going to reach for it, she was saved by Saku who jumped out of his seat to save her. However he sprained his left wrist badly, he's a left hander so signing books is now going to be extremely difficult for him.
 Mochizuki suggested not signing books but Saku said he would go through with it as after all his fans had come to see him. Saku also had thought about an event in Kanako's life which she had told him about. When she was fifteen she had gone to a book signing event, the book she got signed was by her favorite author Subaru has remained one of her most prized possession after all these years. Much of Kanako's innocent charm seems to be rubbing off on Saku.
 The event went off smoothly and was a success, not a huge crowd it seemed but it appeared as though there were about forty fans at the session and all of them were women. Saku did have a problem with signing the books as his wrist was throbbing badly after signing many of them but he was a trooper and stuck it out to the end. In the final moment as Saku was leaving the hall he even gave Kanako a present, an autographed book of his and on that note this recap comes to it's end.

 Another solid view and though I had mentioned this wouldn't be my fave series of the year can't think of one that has topped it. Through four shows will recommend this drama highly, Aoi is such a treat to watch and she just may be my current fave actress as she was also fabulous in the "Kakegurui" series from earlier this year. One more recap to go in this mini marathon which is the post below this one.