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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Nogizaka46: The großartig 'Erika Ikuta post' #9....

 Perhaps the best news I've heard in a few months is that.... Erika is finally going to have a second photobook!!!! I've been clamoring for one so badly and while her first PB had some terrific pics think her upcoming book will blow that previous one away. That first PB came out close to three years ago when Erika was about to turn nineteen, her already fabulous looks have increased so much since then.
 We're going to have to wait two months for the book, release date for it is January 22nd which is also her 22nd birthday. To me Erika has one of the top 2-3 figures in Nogi but she keeps herself too hidden for many to notice, no doubt she's the hottest geek around! Least many Nogi fans consider her one and the main reasons for that is because she is one(!) though she's by far the most talented current Idol by far.

 That bottom pic is an advance one for the photobook and you'll be seeing it quite often here as that may be my fave Nogi pic of the year, whewwww!!!! Hard to believe this is only Erika's ninth solo post considering she has close to 200 posts which is fourth among all Nogi members. However that total will be rapidly rising as there should be many upcoming mag spreads for the book and sure there will be an event/party on January 22nd.
 Erika is such a talented actress and singer, she's been in eight stage plays the past four years and has another opening up on January 5th. Will have more info on that in her next post as another play Erika will be starring in is "Romeo and Juliet". It's the second time she's been in a production of the play and the current one will be beginning on February 23rd, list of cities is the eighth pic down. Look's like she may be missing at least one Nogi concert as the group is performing four shows in Osaka from February 21st to the 24th. Pics here are from a press conference for the play held in October.

 Had honestly forgot that the tenth season of 'NOGIBingo' was airing. Last few seasons were just
so-so at best but this one looks a bit more interesting as four members are featured in each show, will be watching and posting about this episode soon which is from the October 29th show.

 Haven't posted many Erika Nogi cards from the past few months but have a huge amount of them today. First off are some assorted ones for their Summer tour and "Synchronicity" single followed by some from the past few months.

 Erika has opened a Twitter account for the upcoming PB which doesn't have a title yet, pics for it were shot in NYC. Here's a few pics from that site and will have plenty more in future posts.

 Those bottom two are also advance promo ones for the book. On to a few mag spreads and bet she's going to be appearing in so many the next two months for the PB. First off is just a two page set from the November issue of With while the rest are from volume 38 of Overture.

 Had this next spread in a group post but it's so tremendous thought I'd have it again if you missed it and Erika had the cover for the September 3rd edition of Young Magazine.

 Final Erika spread is brand new from the December 7th issue of Friday and that third pic has us all yearning for the PB.