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Friday, November 16, 2018

Maimi Yajima: "Matataki" photobook DVD screenshots part one plus a few other tidbits....

 Too many times in posts I say that so and so is one of the hottest women around or close to being the hottest or whatever superlative. While that's often true no woman in history can top Maimi's beauty and if you've read her posts the past few years have always said in them that she's the most ravishing female ever and will keep saying that until the lid on my coffin is closed.... hopefully my eyes still aren't open!
 Kind of odd then that Maimi didn't finish #1 on my top twenty faves of all time list, she was third which is quite an honor. Can't think of a good reason why she didn't finish in the top spot but then again the top two were certainly deserving. Maimi has picked up many fans recently, her last post from three weeks ago has been the fourth most viewed one from the past month and is her most popular post ever. It was a superb post but will have to say she must have at least forty better than that one, especially the ones for her photobooks.
 Speaking of books on November 10th Maimi released her 12th PB "Matataki". It sold a little over 2,000 official copies but surprisingly it ranked #1 on this week's Oricon charts! That could be the first time she's had that honor and it may have sold more than that as Oricon doesn't count a lot of sales at events or concerts which Maimi has had recently.

 The PB came out on a Saturday so it affected sales as it just had two days to sell those copies while most books had all week long. On the day of the book's release Maimi held a pair of events for it but seems as they were low key events as above were the only pics from them I could find from her blog(s) and news sites. Here are the two covers for the PB along with one promo pic for it along with two pics from her Instagram account.

 Maimi has been busy since C-ute disbanded in June 2017, they will always remain my number one
J-Pop group. But in the last three months she's really picked up the pace as she's appeared in two stage plays, had the photobook plus is releasing two digital singles on November 21st. Titles for the two songs are "Ai wo Misete Kuremasen ka" and "Nakitaku nai no ni". Think there will be an event for it around that date, these are the two 'covers' for the single.

 Maimi is also appearing in the drama "Pretty ga Oosugiru" that's still airing. Haven't watched any shows as it's not being subbed but if it happens then will definitely view it. Pics here are from an interview she did this week for the drama with 'TheTV.jp' website.

 Maimi does post many pics on her blog and Instagram account. So many are with her former C-ute mates as they still hang around together and still think we'll see the fivesome in concert at least once again and hope that's not wishful thinking. That first pic threw me for a loop as I had never seen that pairing before, the dynamic duo hooked up at a stage play.

 Main reason for this post was for screenshots from the "Matataki" photobook DVD. It's a nineteen video of the photo shoot and the pics were taken in Hawaii where so many of her photobooks have had pics from. These screenshots are just from the first half as I'd like to have another post soon for her and will have those pics then.
 Like the way she looks in the DVD, too often photographers or cameramen make Maimi look too glamorous but that wasn't the case in the video. Perhaps many are much more bodacious than Maimi is but I'll take her over any woman any day of the year. No video on YT of the DVD but do have a clip from Maimi's fan club event that took place in early October, she went on a mini fan club tour performing in seven clubs. Song below is Maimi doing a solo version of the C-ute classic tune 'Forever Love".