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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Ayako Kato: Her intro post #2....

 Know this is only Ayako's second post but I am such a massive fan of her and as odd as it may sound to me she's the second most attractive woman in Japan at the moment. Number one for me was #3 on my 'All Time Top Twenty' list, don't think any woman will ever top her and have been saying that for an awful long time now.
 Really can't give a solid reason why Ayako didn't make the list, perhaps it has to do with her not having many posts here which is all my fault as it's hard to keep up with everyone. Another reason may be that she hasn't appeared in many dramas up until now and zero films to boot. That could be because she's been so busy as an announcer, hard to believe how many news and variety shows she's hosted over the past decade along with about a hundred special shows.
 Ayako has also done zero gravure spreads up until now which means we'll sadly probably never see her appear in any but she's my top pick for for someone who has never had a swimsuit pic to have one, bet she would blow away any Idol ten years younger than she is. She certainly thinks she has some fine attributes and wouldn't mind giving her hand in what she's trying to prove....

 Ayako turned 33 in April which isn't all that old as nine of my all time top twenty faves are thirty or older who are mainly actresses as most Idols seem to disappear after their graduations. Have a ton of things today as there's over eighty pics and there's such a wide variety of things. Besides being such an in demand announcer and host Ayako is also a model and with her incredibly attractive face it's easy to see why. Currently she's slowed down on her modeling though do have many recent pics for this year such as these from the Baila site.

 First five pics are from the Bijin Hyakka magazine site, she appears in some of their mags but not enough of them. Following them are some pics that came out in September from the Men's EX site, it was a feature helping women try to pick out that special gift for their boyfriend or husband. Like so many of Ayako's pics she just looks so darn classy in the Men's EX ones.

 I'm probably in the vast minority but to me every single pic rates a ten such as these four from
'The TV' site and was an interview for the 'Music Fair' show, she's been a host of it since May.

 Ayako does have one photobook that came out on November 16, 2016 and is titled "Asahigao". As you would expect it's a fairly conservative set of pics, haven't seen all of them but she could be dressed in five parkas and look like a trillion yen to me. The PB was very, very successful as it was in the top ten for best selling books for over two months, now we need a second one.

 To promote Ayako's PB we have today's only mag spread which is from the November 28, 2016 issue of Big Comic Spirits and she also graced the cover.

 Ayako may appear at more events than any other actress/celeb/Idol by far and she looks so terrific at all of them. That means this post and all future ones will have plenty of pics from events such as these which are from last November 12th. It was to promote the 2018 Winter Olympics as she was one of the hosts of the show which aired on Fuji-TV.

 Two weeks after that there was another Olympic event but it was for the 2020 games which will be held in Tokyo, the event was to promote postcards which will go into the athlete's funds.

 Two more events to end off the post with. On February 28th Miss Jack of all Trades was showing the world how to use a new cooking utensil for the Tiffrad Spring company.

 On October 22nd Ayako was at the 31st 'Japan's Best Glass Wearer' awards show where she won the grand prize in the Cultural Division. If my hazy memory serves me right it's the second time Ayako has won an award, Morning Musume also won an award at this year's show and in 2017 Nogi was an honoree. Plenty of superb pics from the show and she still looks like a trillion dollars wearing Megane, after the pics is a short video of the event.