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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fumika Baba: A (lot) little of this and that....

 Huge, huge drop off this year for Fumika mag spreads and like most of you out there it's a bit disappointing as very few gravure models can top her and I mean very few. But Fumika has been as busy as ever but these days she doesn't do as many gravure spreads though do have some grand pics for today, she's now an exclusive model for a pair of more mainstream mags.
 Just one full time drama this year though Fumika has done a few guest appearances on some shows but she's been in three films and the 'Code Blue' movie was such a blockbuster. What we really need from her is another photobook, posted one from her a few months ago though it was from 2017 and that post has been one of the most viewed ones of the year.

 If you have time would recommend viewing many of Fumika's older posts, can't believe how many stunning pics are here of her and it's probably well over a thousand. Fumika's latest drama was "Midnight no Good Love" which was just a mini series of five episodes. To promote the drama she did a pair of interviews with the web site Asahi and their Aera series.  First five are from October 10th while the rest are from the 16th, top pic have her co-stars and what an unbeatable trio!

 Fumika does have a Line blog but only does a fair job at best in keeping it updated. These pics are from the past two months.

 Fumika has really expanded her activities which is such a good thing for her career, granted she's one of the hottest women around but she also seems like a nice gal with a good head on her shoulders. These are new pics from the Ichikura kimono site.

 Fumika has been an exclusive model for Non-no since April 2015, she usually appears at the huge fashion shows representing them but looks way too conservative at them. Here are some new pics from their site though the bottom four are older but needed to be posted, it's not common for NN models to pose in swimsuits or lingerie.

 On to the mag spreads for today and as mentioned there's been such a big slowdown for them this year. First set is from the November 5th edition of Shukan Bunshun, could be more sets coming up as Fumika's 2019 calendar should be coming out soon and usually there's promo pics for them.

 Sadly there's just two spreads for today but least Fumika looks ultra alluring in this set from the October 29th issue of Big Comic Spirits and she also graces their cover. After the pics is a video of the photo shoot which definitely needs to be viewed as Fumika looks just so, so....