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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Bungaku Shojo drama: Episode five recap

 Air Dates: September 9th to October 28, 2018 on MBS and TBS Sunday nights at 12:50 am
Director: Smith....  Episodes from J-Raw.... subber: miamaw

 Main Cast:

Aoi Morikawa as Kanako Tsukishiro.... 26 year old who is the new editor for Kagaya
Yuu Shirota as Saku Kagaya.... popular writer whose book sales have been rapidly decreasing
Masaki Nakao as Chihiro Mochizuki.... editor in Kanako's office, he has a huge crush on her
Rika Izumi as Mitsuki Ariake.... rival editor from Sekibun Publishing
Masahiko Kawahara as Ko Mishima.... editor in chief of Ryokusen where Kanako works
Yako Koga as Akari Mishima.... Ko's teen daughter and inspiring writer
Taikou Katoona as Maki Nanase.... office worker at Ryokusen
Keito Tsuna as Ryunosuke Kawabata.... office worker at Ryokusen

 The conclusion of episode four left us with Kanako lying on a floor in Saku's house moaning about her lack of love experience as she was 26 and had never even been on a date. The reason she was at Saku's house in the first place was to type out his latest novel as he had hurt his wrist at a fan signing session, Kanako was the reason he was injured and unable to write. Saku tells her to quiet down with her complaining, why don't the two of them go out on a real date?
 To Kanako that's wrong as she's Saku's editor but deep down she was dying to go out with him. But it eventually gets settled and Kanako is about to go out on her first date, Saku left it up to her where they should go. The pair met up two days later and Kanako has written down a list of places where she would like to spend the day with Saku. However all of the locations are from scenes in romance novels Kanako had read and most of them are far away. Saku takes matters in his own hands and proposed they hit a cinema to view a film which Kanako readily agreed to.
 No clue what movie the pair saw and neither did Kanako as her mind the whole time was on Saku, he had to even tell her once to look at the screen and stop staring at him. As they were departing the cinema they ran into Mochizuki who is also an editor where Kanako works and has such a crush on her. With him was Ryokusen Publishing editor-in-chief's daughter Akari who we met briefly in the second episode. She's an eighteen year old aspiring writer and Mochizuki has been out in charge of her first story which she's been struggling with.

 Akari seemed to know Saku fairly well and wants to spend the day with him much to Kanako's hidden fury. Kanako had lied that about why she was with Saku to Mochizuki, she just said they were doing some research for his latest novel. Saku would like to talk with Akari and Mochizuki a bit so the four decide to have lunch together. While the men wander off to grab some food Kanako is forced to talk with Akari who though a teen knows so much more about relationships than Kanako does.
 Kanako revealed a few of her embarrassing secrets to Akari who is a bit of a hothead. She jumps up and tells Kanako she has to take the bull by the horns, she explained to Kanako that to nab Saku she needs to be so much more aggressive which is the complete opposite of Kanako's personality. But those words did trigger something in Kanako's brain as she realizes she needs to be more straightforward towards Saku and heads to where the men are getting the food.
 Kanako hid in some nearby bushes listening to their conversation but Saku knew she was there, he didn't let that fact on to her or Mochizuki. Saku knew how much Mochizuki had fallen for Kanako, the pair are so alike as both have such a problem revealing to the opposite sex their true feelings. Knowing that Kanako is listening in Saku says a few unflattering words about her and her type which naturally left Kanako aghast as she dashed away in tears.

 That's an interesting glance from Saku in that bottom screenshot, hmmmm. When the men had arrived back to their table Akari was there but Kanako was nowhere to be seen. As mentioned she had dashed away from the conversation between Saku and Mochizuki in tears, she felt there's no way she'll ever be able to make Saku love her. Kanako did arrive back with her friends, while everyone else is eating and talking Kanako sat there silently and eventually couldn't take it anymore. She lied to the other three and said she had a pressing engagement, on her way home it appeared Kanako was once again about to burst into tears.
 Shortly after her departure Mochizuki knew that Kanako's heart was breaking and chased her down. He caught up with her and Kanako had no idea he was on her tail until he grabbed her hand. This appeared to be the moment we all thought was going to happen, that Mochizuki would finally confess his love to Kanako and the pair would embrace. That embrace did happen though only for a few seconds but before Mochizuki could utter a word Saku appeared out of nowhere, took Kanako's hand and led her away to the dismay of Mochizuki who stood there dumbfounded. With that this recap comes to a close and not as much happened in this show as there were really only three long scenes.

 Not as much happened but it was still an enjoyable episode though a tad more serious than the previous four shows. So far all five episodes have been winners, have viewed all eight and can say that about the rest of them too. This is the first of four recaps as the final three shows are the posts below this one which will wrap up this series.