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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #21- December 3rd edition of WPB....

 Just the one mag spread for today but it contains a whopping amount of.... 64 pics!!!! Can't recall a group ever having such a large spread in a mag but it's a well deserved one as this is such a fabulous collection of pics. It's for Keya's first group photobook which is coming out tomorrow, title for it is "21 People Are Changing". Hoping there will be an event for the book coming up and can't think of a reason why there wouldn't be.
 Except for the fact that the members have hijacked 'Showroom' this week as they'll be plugging the PB for five consecutive nights. Four members currently have a PB, wonder who the fifth will be as when you view these books there's certainly many candidates, perhaps my only problem with the book is that there's no Hiragana members in it. But they've become a very popular group this past year so wouldn't doubt if we'll see one from them next year.


 Plenty of 'Showroom' videos on YT at the moment, won't post any of them as they usually get deleted after a few weeks or at least the ones I choose do. Though there's a ton of pics for today they're just a fraction of what will be in the photobook and I'm really looking forward to viewing it. It'll be the final set of pics for Yui I. who has already graduated, same for Manaka who announced her departure though she hasn't done any Keya activities since March. Nanami has also announced her graduation and if I'm not mistaken so hasn't Aoi, that's quite a few gals leaving at once.
 Will give more details about the book in upcoming posts, each girl picked a theme for her set of pics plus they also chose their own photographer. A total of 21 members will be in the PB and those pics could help me choose who will make the first 'Nogi/Keya Fave Members' list which I'll start on at the beginning of next year. Best pic of all 64 from the mag belongs to Minami which is the third one down, knew she had a tremendous figure but she always kept it hidden. Wouldn't surprise me if Minami had the next PB, love to see that happen and she has become a very popular member.
 She'll easily make that list along with Rika and Risa who are my two fave current members. Think two others that will make the list are Akane, to me she's the hottest gal in Keya and her pics here rate an A+. For now my fifth fave member is Nanako and really hoping for some superb pics of her in the PB as to me she's such an underrated beauty, she's also Keya's most interesting member. On to the pics and hoping there will be a few more mag appearances soon promoting the PB, still may do a group post for an event they attended last week.