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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Lee Yeon-Hee: After ten long months finally a post....

 Fairly sure it's been eleven months since Yeon-Hee's last post which naturally means what a quiet 2018 has been for her. Not entirely quiet but from about September 2017 until June Yeon-Hee was invisible and it's rare when you see a Korean actress take such an extended holiday. Last year she was fifth on my top twenty list but as mentioned not going to have one this year and fairly sure that was her last post here which would have been in mid-December.(checked, January was the last one)
 Just had that massive 'Top Twenty of All Time' list which took quite a bit of work plus in January will be starting on my first combined 'Nogi/Keya Fave Members' list. Once that is done will be having one more list which will be for my all time Korean actresses, unsure if it'll consist of ten or twenty. Figured with three lists there would be many overlapping faves plus had a hard time finding twenty names for a 2018 Faves list.
 Yeon-Hee is going to rank very high and would imagine she's going to have an excellent chance at being number one as she's been my fave Korean actress for some years now but hope her inactivity won't hurt her ranking. On a different note am currently having a Juice=Juice marathon, have never done any kind of 'Top J-Pop Songs' of all time list and that'd be an interesting one. Bet most songs would be before 2010 as the music was so much better a decade or two ago but then again JJ's song "Romance no Tochuu" would honestly be in running for the top spot.

 Until late June Yeon-Hee was nowhere to be found but she's been a bit more active lately. In 2017 she was in two dramas but in the years 2016 and 2018 the total was zero. Really hoping for a Spring series from her but so far no news on any new shows nor films. At the top is a newish Senka CM that came out on July 8th and these are some pics from their site.

 One show Yeon-Hee had been appearing on was "Island Trio 2", it's a reality show that aired on the
O'Live and tvN channels. As the title says it was set on an island and it began on June 25th, not a long season as it ended on September 10th. First season had 31 episodes while the second had just eleven. Haven't watched a full episode but have been skimming through the videos on YT as they have all of the shows there.

 One new Yeon-Hee mag spread which is from the December issue of Cosmopolitan. Pics for her were taken in Paris near the beginning of October though considering the distance they traveled it's not a huge set but least the pics rate an A+.... then again don't most Yeon-Hee pics?!

 What I enjoy more than their acting is how Korean actresses look at events, so often I'd rather view those pics than a gravure spread with a J-Pop Idol. On October 26th Yeon-Hee made an appearance at the 'WKO Breast Cancer Awareness Charity' event. It took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dangju, Seoul and if my memory serves me well she was also at an event in July for the charity.

 To me these are the most fabulous pics of the day as Yeon-Hee looks better than ever if that's possible. On November 15th she was at the opening ceremony of the 'French Cinema Tour' that took place at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchung, Seoul. Didn't finish recapping the drama but did watch the entire "The Package" drama from 2017 which Yeon-Hee had the lead role in, most of the show was shot in France. After the perfect pics there is a way too short video of this event.